Mr. Duru's Will

Everyone stood still as fear and uncertainty took over, causing their guilty hearts to beat rapidly against their delicate chest. Some of them frowned, some left their lower jaws hanging low. However, the only common thing about their weird postures and facial expressions, was the fact that all their eyes rested uneasily on the lady standing in front of them.

Mama, the Duru's mother and his siblings, Uncle Philip and Aunty Rose,
were waiting for the lawyer to come and read the will. Duru was late and had been buried the weekend before. Since his burial had been done, it was time to hear his will. They were still waiting for the lawyer when a strange lady came in, claiming to be Mr. Duru's bastard child. Of course they didn't believe her, as least, not until she started talking about a DNA test she claimed to have taken. They hadn't expected such to happen. As long as Mama and aunty Rose were concerned, Duru's wealth belonged to them and them alone. Still surprised at the shocking revelation, their eyes remained fixed on their strange visitor.

The visitor was tall, beautiful and smart. She had all the qualities of a black, strong woman. Her chocolate skin blended well with the white, body fitted, gown she was wearing. It was a knee level gown that did justice to her figure eight. She smiled, revealing a set of white, strong teeth. Unfortunately for the people in front of her, the smile did not reach her eyes.

"You people have succeeded in treating me very bad." She said. "I will remind you that I have done the DNA test and the result will soon be in my hand. As soon as that happens, I will claim my inheritance. I will take everything and I will kick all of you out, that is, if I don't decide to arrest you first."

"You will do no such thing, Fegor." A voice said from behind. Recognising th voice very well, she turned around to see Adu, leaning against the door frame of the room entrance. He was a tall, fair complexioned! young, handsome man in his early twenties. In the mansion, he worked as a driver. In fact, he was the late Mr. Duru's personal driver.

Looking at him, Fegor frowned. She wondered why he suddenly decided to come. Adu was the real bastard child of the late billionaire. Not wanting to abandone him completely, Duru had asked him to be his personal driver. In addition to his fat salary, he was well fed and had shelter over his head. This was to be done as long as Adu never told anyone that Mr. Duru was his real father. Knowing that his father had died and that the will must be read, he told his girl friend, Fegor, about it and they arrived at a plan. The plan had to do with Fegor impersonating as Mr. Duru's illegitimate heir. Although Fegor agreed, Adu didn't trust her enough. He knew she was a money freak. If his father's inheritance ever got into her hands, he was sure she would run away with it and never come back.

Fegor on the other hand, was determined to go through with the plan. The plan was going very smoothly before Adu arrived. She remembered hearing the door bell ring a while ago and she was sure he was the one who came in. The maid must have opened the door for him.

"What do you mean by I will do no such thing? Of course I will." She said to him with a smile. "I will deal with everyone of them but you, you will be my pet. That is for sure."

"I don't want to be your pet. I want my inheritance, my complete inheritance."

"What are you talking about?" Fegor frowned. Her heart skipped and afterwards, it began to race. She tried to speak with her eyes, tried to ask him if he was changing the plan or trying to blackmail her.

"Don't bother pretending." Adu said. This time, he was the one smiling. "The DNA result is out and it shows I am my father's true heir. I own everything he left behind.

"You bastard! What DNA test?" Fegor asked.

"The DNA test I took for you. What do you think of me? You think that I'm so stupid to allow you take away what's mine?"

A heated argument ensued and the other family members could not help smiling. So, Fegor was a fraud after all. They were happy to discover that but, they couldn't understand  why Adu had agreed to take a DNA test for her. That aside, they wondered why Duru, while he was alive, never told them that Adu was his son. Just as they doubted Fegor, they doubted Adu too. Everyone asked questions and pointed accusing fingers at the same time. soon, they were all involved in a heated argument. Mama wasn't buying what Adu was selling. Uncle Philip tried
to calm everyone but Aunty Rose made sure the sitting room was anything but calm. She was really pissed. How could Fegor come in and make such false claims? If Fegor could do such, then Adu could do worse.

After a long while arguing, the door bell rang. The maid emerged from the kitchen and went straight to answer it. She opened the door and the family lawyer came in with his briefcase.p

"I'm here to read Mr. Duru's last will and testament." He said. They
took him into the study and closed the door behind them. All of them
except Fegor and the maid. Adu was allowed in because of the DNA test
result in his hand.

They sat down and within 10 minutes, the reading started. Eyebrows
shot up, lips were squeezed and so were the fleshy parts of their
foreheads. Once again, anxiety took over, accompanied by anger and

"What was my son thinking?" Mama almost yelled, as soon as the lawyer
finished reading the will. "Why will he do such rubbish? He left me
with nothing. How I'm I going to survive?" She was angry and she did
absolutely nothing to hide it. "Is this what I get for giving birth to
him and raising him well?"

"I am his heir." Adu said, while getting to his feet. He too was not
happy about his father's will. "I am his flesh and blood, why will he
not recognise me?"

"Just shut up!" Mama reprimanded him. "I am talking and you are
talking? Even if you're his heir, you're illegitimate."

"And so what?" Adu rebuffed. "

Uncle Philip and Aunty Rose folded their hands across their chest.
Uncle Philip looked like he really didn't care, however, Aunty Rose,
like mama, could not hide her disgust. So after all said and done, a
wife they had never met or even accepted into the family was going to
inherit her brother's wealth?

Mama lamented, even as Uncle Philip did everything possible to console
her. While he was at it, the lawyer started to dial a number.

"Who are you calling?" Aunty Rose asked, while doing nothing to hide
her raging anger.

"As you heard in the will I just read, all of Mr. Duru's property has
been given to his unborn child. But since he is yet to be born, his
mother is going to take care of his business and estates until he is
of age."

"That doesn't explain who you are calling." Uncle Philip countered. He
didn't care about his brother's wealth. He only cared about his mother
and he didn't like the effect his late brother's will was having on
her. Adding more surprises, was going to make her situation worse.

"Who are you calling?" Aunty Rose asked again. Her eyes were filled
with anger and disgust for the lawyer.

"I am calling Mr. Duru's wife, your sister in-law. I told her
yesterday that the will was in favour of her un-born child and so
therefore, she was supposed to be here when it was read. I don't know
why she isn..." The call was answered and a female voice came through
the speaker.

"Hello sir." The timid voice said.

"Where are you now?" The lawyer asked. "I told you to be here today so
that I can hand the documents to you."

"I am in the house sir. Do I come to the study now?" She asked.

"Yes, please." The lawyer said and then cut the call. "She is already
in the house. She will join us shortly." The lawyer announced. Aunty
Rose paced the length of the room. As she did, her thoughts circled
around what her reaction would be when she finally saw her brother's
gold digger wife, as she called her.

About 3 minutes later, there was a soft, timid knock on the wooden
door. "Come in." The lawyer invited.

The door knob turned and soon, the door itself was making a squeaky
sound, as it slowly opened. When it was wide open and the wife stepped
in, everyone's jaw dropped and surprise could be seen on their faces.
In addition to surprise, Aunty Rose felt really irritated.

"You?" She asked, pointing at the young, innocent lady. "My brother
married you?" She moved in and was about to land a sound slap at her
in-law. Fortunately, Uncle Philip was just in time to make sure no
harm came to the girl.

"Stop it Rose." He called her to order. "She is pregnant. You can't
hit her, she has done you no wrong."

"She has!" Rose insisted. " She manipulated my late brother and
dubiously inherited his wealth. How I'm I sure that pregnancy really
belongs to Duru?"

"Na oga Duru get.."

"Just shut up!" Aunty Rose yelled at her.

While Rose complained, Uncle Philip observed the maid. She wasn't
properly dressed. Her hair hung loose and scattered. She was dressed
in her work clothes. The only clothes she knew how to wear.

Mama, on the other hand, could not believe her eyes. Uncle Philip,
even though he was not interested in his brother's will, was quite
taken by surprise.

Who could have known? Who could have guessed? That the simple house
maid, who was suddenly too lazy to work, always sleeping and putting
on weight, was pregnant? Who could have guessed she was carrying
Duru's child and who could have guessed that Duru married her and
willed all his wealth to the child in her womb?

Their future suddenly looked like a disaster because as from that
moment on, their comfort and livelihood depended on the charity of a
maid they never treated well.