The Missing Ingredient

It was late evening and the moon was starting to shine brightly. The stars could be seen high up in the sky, twinkling in rhythmic patterns. The trees waved in response to the soft breeze and at the same time, they casted their shadows on the surroundings.

The evening was cool and beautiful, unfortunately, it was not quiet. Cries of war filled the air as humans fought bravely against beasts and other devilish looking creatures. The creatures had the image of a man. They were huge, hairy and very smelling. A black, rotten substance stained their mouth and teeth. In short, they were the exact definition of smelling, ugly and vicious.

Below the beautiful stars and the full moon, cutlass and spears accompanied by daggers, bows and arrows, sticks and poisons, were used in fighting these creatures. Humans were winning the war and I was their commander in cheif.

I fought bravely at the fore front with my second in command. No beast was speared. No arrow missed its target and no beast or creature could survive one cut from the weapons. Realising that they couldn't win the war, the rest of the beasts started to retreat.

Deciding that we weren't going to spare the beasts, we charged and followed them into the woods. Once there, I wasted no time cutting down the ones we caught up with.

As soon as it was all over, we celebrated our victory. We were happy because the surrounding community was going to be once again, calm. The beasts had been pestering the natives for a very long time. Not wanting their sad existence to continue, the natives decided to fight back and I was chosen to lead.

Time went by and the creatures re-appeared. They were more in number and stronger. They observed us quietly and came at a planned time. A time we never thought they would attack.

"They are here again!" Our watch man alerted us.

We all went to work, sharpening our rusty knives, spears and cutlasses. Poisons were also made and used to coat our weapon. As soon as the bows were done, the archers fired. However, they missed. They tried again but continued to miss. Angry at their incompetence, I took the bow and arrow from an archer and shot at a charging beast.

"Yes!" I jumped when the weapon hit it right in the chest. However, I was disappointed when nothing happened. The beast simply used its free hand to dust the arrow off its chest. One shot was supposed to kill it, was supposed to drop it to the ground, but it was not so. I shot some more and the same thing happened. I picked up my cutlass, said a few words to boost the morale of my fighters, before charging forward to lunch an attack at the creatures. We clashed against them and a serious battle ensued.

Unfortunately, my men were cut down one after the other. Scared for their lives, the rest of the men ran away. They left me to face the army of monsters on my own.

"This is not good." I thought, before runnig off to my small, wooden house. There, I picked some other poisons I made personally. I applied some of it on my weapon. I was just in time as one of the beast came into my house. Before it could attack, I struck at it with my knife but, nothing happened. It simply grabbed my weapon and pushed me backwards against the mud wall. The force that moved me was great, so was the force with which I hit the wall. At that moment, I was at my wits end. I was sure nothing I did would work so, I resorted to dialogue.

"What do you want?" I asked the terrible looking beast.

"I want food." It sneered. "If you cook for us everyday and we enjoy the food, I will ask my people to leave you and your people alone."

"What?" I asked with wide eyes. Surprise was written all over my face. "This war is about food?"

"You heard me, get to the kitchen!" It ordered

It was at that point I woke up. Lolz. What a dream.

All the same, I couldn't help but wonder why the tricks I used earlier to win the war, did not work. After thinking hard and long, I received the answer in my heart.

"The reason you did not win is because, you did not pray. Prayer was the missing ingredient for your weapons."

"But I prayed before going to bed." I argued.

"You prayed, yes. But do you remember that your prayer was weak, short and void of energy?"

"Oh!" That was all I could say. "How forgetful of me."

I then realised that the dream was a continuation. I had slept, won the war and woken up sometime at night to pee. After freeing my bladder, I went back to dreamland with only a short prayer, void of energy. I didn't know the dream was going to continue.

Thank God it was only food those creatures wanted. Real vegetable food, not human flesh and blood. Pheeeww!

Karo Oforofuo©All Rights Reserved.April 15, 2015.