Where I Get My Inspiration From

Happy Easter to you, my dear readers. Before you go on to read my post for today, I want to apologize for my long absence. I assure you that it wasn't on purpose. It was due to too much stress because different issues battled for my attention. Believe me, my schedule has been like a war zone but all the same, I survived and I am back for good.

Now, to today's topic. Someone once asked where the inspiration for most of my stories come from. Also, there is this wonderful friend of mine who always ask if I had written down my dream for the day. Lolz. The truth is, I value my dreams because they pass across different messages. The messages could be good or bad, all the same, they don't follow a particular pattern. Do my dreams affect my writing? Yes, they do. What about SOME of my inspirations, where do I get them from? Yes you are right, they come from some of my dreams.

My dreams SOMETIMES affect my writing. I get some stories from them. Presently, I have two novellas in the cooking pot which originated from my dreams and I have two published novellas that started from my dream.

 Two Published Novellas That Started From My Dream.

 The first chapter of my second, published novella, Gentle Wild, was gotten from a dream I had in 2013. I still remember the dream because I wrote it down. Although the story is not written exactly as it happened, 80% of the first chapter was exactly what happened in that dream. In that dream, the character I named Monica, was really in distress due to the sudden death of her husband. Unfortunately, the police were accusing her of his death. In the dream, I played the role of Ella, the security agent that helped Monica escape from the police. In the dream, I suceeded in helping her escape but in the story, I let the Inspector do the saving. After puting down the first chapter, I expanded the work and I named it 'Gentle Wild.'

 Another book that came from what I will call an experience is 'Trapped - The Underworld.' I call it an experience because I moved from a dream, into a semi-conscious state. In this case, I was asleep and walking along a lonely street. It was night already but I could see my surroundings with the aid of the security lights. However, when I got to a spot, I felt someone, or should I say something, struggling to enter my physical body. I quickly decided to wake up but, it was a struggle. It was a struggle because first, I had to fight off whatever was trying to take over my body. I couldn't see it but I could feel it. Although I entered my body, I felt tight and uncomfortable because I was sharing the small space with something else. While all of this happened, my body was in a semi-conscious state and was still lying down. I fought to get what was mine but, I wasn't winning. Seeing the situation, I quickly resorted to prayers. Few seconds after I started praying, I woke up in my own body. The intruder was gone and I was okay. Phew... I couldn't thank God enough for helping me out. I didn't pray earlier that night before going to bed, that was why I was vulnerable. After I woke up, I prayed some more, for about thiry minutes before going back to sleep. I thought it was the end but then, about a year later, I had the same experience again. Someone or something was trying to take over my body while I  was asleep. Again, I fought and prayed and I woke up. I haven't experienced it again because now, I don't give room to it. I make sure I pray before closing my eyes.

I believe that I am not the only one who has experienced such attacks. Apart from that, I had to somehow get the message across to the public. They have to know the dangers of not taking prayers serious. They have to know it is risky to not pray before going to bed at night. My own way of informing the public, was to write a story. Although the story is pure fiction, it portrays what could be happening to other people who didn't have the physical or spiritual strength to fight off the intruders. I had to build up the story the best way I could.

So, do I have dreams that inspire me? Be it scary or other wise? Yes, I do.  But its not all the time my inspiration comes from my dreams. Other factors that inspire me include

1. Experience, Personal or non-personal

 2. Relaxation

 3. Good music

 4. Family and friends

 5. Everything about nature

My inspiration comes more from experience. As a writer, I never underestimate the power of day to day experience and contact with different people, including children. Even nature is not left out. If you are a writer looking for inspiration for your stories, remember that your dreams can always help. Other factors that can help, you will have to discover on your own.

So till I write again, which will be soon, have a Happy week. God Bless You.