It was 8:15am on Saturday morning. The sun was already out in all its glory and its rays illumined the earth.The sky was a clear blue, but unfortunately, it was not going to be a beautiful day. From within the mansion, thick, black smoke rose into the heavens from the guard's quarters, as fire razed everything inside it. How the fire started, no one really knew.

Vincent woke up with a start. He had a bad dream, one in which he was killed, along with his father and all the guards. After waking up, he felt relieved because it was only a dream. However, he soon felt very uncomfortable. His heart raced and his mind told him all was not well. He perceived smoke and because of that, he looked towards the window. The air outside was dark and seriously polluted with smoke. Vincent frowned. He wondered why anyone chose to burn things close to the house. While still wondering, he pushed himself up on one elbow and looked at the the other side of his bed. His heart beat trippled when he discovered that Naimi was nowhere to be found.

"Christ, whats's happening?"

Since he didn't have an answer to his own question, Vincent quickly got up, wore his clothes and walked out of the room. In the passage, two guards laid lifeless on the tiled floor. Vincent frowned as realization downed on him. The mansion was under attack! But by who? He picked the guns of the dead guards, as well as their spare bullets, before carefully walking down the passage.

First, he checked Naomi's room but she wasn't there. "Where could she be?" He thought. "Hope they didn't kill or kidnap her?"

He moved on to the next room, but Mrs. Mercy wasn't there either. Not for the last time, he wondered where they could all be. He moved on and got to his father's room, still, he found no one there.

"Christ!" Vincent muttered under his breath. "Where are they? What is happening? How come I slept through an attack?".

He moved to the window and looked out. There, he saw them on the ground below. His father, Mrs. Mercy and the other surviving guards, were being taken hostage. Among the men taking them hostage, he saw Helena. In fact, she was the one giving the orders. It was obvious that the men worked for her, they obeyed her every command.

Vincent frowned and anger flashed in his eyes. He suddenly realised that everything she had done had been a ploy, right from the moment she stepped into the house.

"So I was right all along. Helena Abeam is actually one and the same person with Naomi Oviera. How could I let her deceive us all?" He thought. "And to think I slept with the enemy. God!" He yelled and slammed his palm against the hard wall. "You will pay Helena, you will pay."

That said, he turned around and started towards the exit. He needed to go out, he needed do something to save his people, especially his father. Unfortunately, he was only taking his fifth step towards the door when two masked men came into the room with their guns pointed.

"If you try anything stupid, all in the name of being smart, I will shoot." The first man warned. Vincent stopped on his track and put down his weapon. Without wasting time, the second masked man tied his hands behind his back. He was was taken captive and led downstairs to join the others.

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