Naked Secret (Chapter Eight)

The evening air was very cold, as heavy wind took over the sky. There were dark clouds in the sky, thunders and lightening followed. It was soon going to rain but Naomi and the guard were not yet back from her driving lessons. Everyone was worried, but Vincent was more worried about the guard. He had arrived earlier with his men, only to be told that Naomi went out for bike driving lessons. At first he was confused. If Helena, as he called her, went for bike driving lessons, how then did she drive her own speed bike? Or was the boy referring to someone else? Someone who looked like Helena? He voiced his fears to his father, but Moyede waved it aside.

"That girl is just too innocent." He said, blinded by his love for her. "You people should leave her alone."

"But our safety is important." He argued.

"We are safe!" Moyede yelled. "We will always be safe."

Father and son argued a while longer but Moyede was not changing his mind. Not when it concerned the girl he now saw as his own daughter.

Vincent waited a little longer, but when the duo did not still show up, he organized the men for a search. They had to go out to look for both the guard and Naomi.

Equipped with guns, knives and fat torches, the men, five in number, went out. They moved towards the direction Moyede pointed out. Within ten minutes they were in the woods, calling out to the guard and Naomi.

Naomi heard their faint voices a good distance away. She smiled, as she recognised Vincent's voice. "So he cares?" She said, still smiling. "After everything, he cares. That's good enough for me."

She looked down at the dead guard and smiled. "I'm so sorry Dafe, but dead guards don't talk."

Earlier, after they left the mansion for the training, Naomi felt very uneasy with the guard. Even as they went, he made it very clear to her that he did not trust her. At least, until Vincent declared her innocent. He trusted Vincent's judgment more than that of his father.

"Look here lady, Helena or whatever your real name is." He had said to her, "If you are found guilty, if Vincent proves that you are the person he suspects you to be, Know that I will be the one to snuff life out of you."

"Really?" Naomi thought. If he had plans to kill her, she might as well take it out on him first.

They got to the field where they were to train. Naomi was already a good rider, she didn't need the training but she was willing to play along. However, since she suddenly had a new mission, she decided it was best to fit it into her plan for the day. After practicing for a while, they both sat down to rest. Dafe brought out a bottle of water and sat on the green grass while drinking from it. As he drank, he looked at Naomi.

"Why are you staring?" Naomi questioned. "Its rude to stare."

"I'm just wondering what your real name is."

"My name is Helena, Helena Abeam. I have said this before."

"Well I don't believe you. Moyede may fall for your tricks, but not me."

"Think whatever you like." Naomi said and walked a short distance away. She was angry. With such accusations, she knew she just couldn't allow Dafe live. Remembering that there was a fat string attached to the back of her bike, she walked to it and took the string out. She wrapped it around her hand before walking back to where the guard sat. Unfortunately, he did not know what Naomi was up to or that she even had a string with her. He looked away from her and fixed his gaze on the surrounding. The atmosphere was cloudy, a sign that it was going to rain later in the day. Naomi casually walked up to him, her eyes fixed on the trees so as not to give away her plan. Dafe's attention went back to her only briefly.

"She is okay for a woman," he thought. "But what if Vincent is right about her being dangerous?" He had to be careful even though he suddenly wanted something else. To throw out the intimate images that were already forming in his head, he looked away from her.

Naomi seized the opportunity and quietly walked up behind Dafe. On getting to him, she quickly unwrapped the string from one hand and wrapped it on both hands before taking it over Dafe's head and holding it tight against his neck.

Dafe was completely taken off guard. He struggled to get her off his neck, but he could not. Her grip was surprisingly strong. Knowing that he had no other way of escape, he used his elbow to hit her legs repeatedly, hoping to weaken them. All the same, she did not let go. He quickly reached for the knife tucked in his belt but it was gone. He then remembered that he had removed it by himself, just before the driving lessons started. Not wanting to be taken out so easily, Dafe struggled to get to his feet and he succeeded. Once up, he gripped Naomi from behind, took her over his shoulder and slammed her hard on  the ground. Naomi cried out, but she knew she had no time to nurse her pain. She couldn't let Dafe live. if she did, he would go back and tell everyone. She would be hunted and maybe killed, before being able to take out her revenge on Moyede and his thugs, as she called them.

While Dafe removed the string from around his neck, Naomi sighted his knife some distance away. Dafe had removed it earlier from its sheath because he felt uncomfortable wearing a knife and taking bike driving lessons. Seeing it as her last hope to take Dafe out, she crawled towards it.

"I told you I would be the first to kill you, if found guilty." Dafe said, as he finished untangling the string from his neck. neck. "Right now, you are guilty as charged."

He went for her but unfortunately, Naomi already got to the knife. Dafe kicked her from behind and brought his foot down so hard on her back. He did it repeatedly and she cried out in pain but,  that did not stop her from getting to the knife and grabbing it. Not knowing she had a knife, Dafe took a hand full of her hair and pulled her up with it. She cried as she was forcefully turned to face him.

"This is your end, Helena Abeam." He raised his hands to strike the final blow but instead, he felt a sharp, cold steel, cutting into his stomach. Dafe gasped in shock but Naomi didn't relent. She drew it out and put it again and again and again. The final blow went straight to the heart. Dafe finally let go of her hair, as he fell to the ground, gasping for air.

"Its your own end Dafe, not mine." She said, spitting on his body. After gasping a little longer, Dafe gave up. His lifeless form laid on the ground with his legs folded behind.

Naomi sat on the grass to catch her breath. After she had stabilized, she looked at herself. Yes, her clothes were rumpled and stained. But she had no real injury. What sort of story was she going to tell the others when they found out that Dafe was dead? To make things look real, she picked up the knife again and closed her eyes, as she anticipated the pain. Then she cut herself. She curt her upper arm, gave her left cheek and fore head a small cut each, before tearing her own clothes in the front. She rumpled the flowery dress some more before giving herself some serious blows in the face. It hurt, but it was necessary to back up the story she was going to tell. When she was done, she went to look in the bike's mirror. She was totally satisfied with what she saw. With the blood and scars on her face, as well as her ripped clothes, no one could doubt that she was not attacked too. That done, she looked for some big blocks and used them to smash the bike. She did major damage to the speed bike before laying down to rest, by Dafe's dead body. After waiting long hours and no one came looking for them, she was planning another story when she heard Vincent and the other men calling out to them. It was night already, they wouldn't see all the scars on her body. However, they had torch lights.

"That will be enough." She said, as she took her position again, pretending to have fainted.

To be continued

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