Naked Secret (Chapter Six)

When supper was over, Naomi helped Mrs. Mercy do the dishes before retiring for the night. She already gave up all hope of being able to spy on Vincent and the men, especially after Moyede carelessly remarked, during supper, that his son had gone out to meet some distressed villagers.

"Doesn't Vincent have time for himself?" She thought, as she took her bath under the shower. "Or is he trying to impress someone? Definitely not me, I hope?"

After a long, hot shower, Naomi wore a simple night dress, one that Mrs. Mercy brought in for her. She silently thanked the elderly woman for her foresight before getting under the sheet and switching off her bed lamp.

About an hour later, the younger version of Naomi stepped out from a red, sport car with her parents. They had just arrived from a vacation trip and were very happy to be home. Not waiting for her parents, she ran upstairs to her room to play with her dolls. She missed them so much and didn't want to be far away from them any longer. As she played with them, she suddenly heard her father arguing downstair with some men inside the house. It was odd because they had only just returned. Naomi wanted to check out what was going on but then, her mother appeared at the open door way. She got into the room and shut the door behind her.

"Naomi, Naomi!" She called. Fear was written all over her face.

"Yes mummy?" Little Naomi replied.

"You have to be a good girl now and you have to do what mummy says. There are men in the sitting room, dangerous men. You need to hi..." That was all she said before the room door was forcefully opened and her father stepped in with two armed men. His expression was that of anger.

"Take them and kill them." He ordered.

"What?" Her mother asked, in disbelieve. "Kill us? What do you think you are doing? You want your own family killed?"

In response to her question, the men pumped their bullets into her fine and delicate body. As soon as they were done, their gun mouths faced little Naomi.

"Please don't kill me." She pleaded, tears already streaming down her cheeks. "I'm a good girl, I won't tell anyone you killed my mummy."

The men laughed at her reasoning, even her own father joined them. "Being a good girl is not enough my darling. You are just not needed anymore. Kill her!" He ordered again.

Naomi tried to run but she didn't go far before she felt bullets in her back. She screamed as she fell down, struggling to breath. Ironically, one of the men came forward and tried to help her but she fought him off.

"Wake up!" The man said. "It’s only a dream." The man grabbed both her hands and tried to pin her down, to make her stay still instead of fighting him.

However, she was not deterred in her struggle against him. She continued to fight him and when she saw that she was being overpowered, she moved in, through an unguarded opening and sank her teeth into the flesh of his hand.

"Arrrg!!" He cried out. "Naomi stop!"

At that moment, the voice sounded like Vincent's, but she did not stop until she got a hard slap across her face. She fell backwards on the pillow and her eyes opened. The light was switched on and she saw Vincent, standing some distance away from her and holding his hand. He was in severe pain. It was then she realized what had happened.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry Vincent." She apologized, as she quickly got out of bed to attend to him. She looked at his hand and saw that her teeth did some serious damage. There was blood on his arm, along with the mark of her teeth.

"Errrmm.. I will get Mrs. Mercy..." Naomi offered, while fidgeting "She may have..."

"What happened?" They heard Mrs. Mercy's voice at the door way. They both looked up and saw the elderly lady standing at the room entrance with Vincent's father, Mr. Moyede.

"What is this? What happened?" Mr. Moyede asked, concerned.

"It was a mistake sir." Naomi said, with regret in her voice. "I.... I..."

"It was a mistake dad, no need for alarm." Vincent said, coming to her defense. "She was having a nightmare. I heard her screams from my room. I came in to try to help her but, still being in the dream world, she thought I was her attacker. She only tried to defend herself." He finished.

"Oh my dear." Mrs. Mercy said, as she walked up to Naomi and took her hand.
"The nightmares are still coming, right?"

Naomi nodded in response. "I thought I could handle it."

"You will be okay." The elderly woman said, patting her hand.

"Thank you ma." She replied.

Mrs. Mercy then turned to Vincent. "Come with me dear. Let us do something about your hand." She took him by the hand and started to lead him away.

"I'm so sorry." Naomi whispered, as they walk past her.

"Its okay." Vincent replied and then walked out with Mrs. Mercy.

After they were gone, Mr. Moyede walked further into the room. He walked past Naomi and went to stand by the window. Knowing he had something on his mind, Naomi became more alert.

"These dreams of yours," he started, with his back to her, "These nightmares, would you care to share them with me?"

"Its nothing much sir." Naomi said.

"It has to be something more." Moyede countered. "A person doesn't just have a useless dream and then still screams in it. In the process you bit my son. I want to know what you dreamt about."

"I don't want to bore you, but if you insist, then I will. I dreamt of my father's death. I still think my mother helped her lover, my step father, kill my father just so they could be together." She lied.

She knew her story about having a step dad couldn't change, at least not yet. I keep dreaming of how I saw him after he was killed. I can't get the image out of my head. To worsen matters, I always see some masked men who aided my mother in the task. This time they attacked me, thats why I bit your son. I thought he was one of them."

"Then maybe," Moyede said, "Just maybe, your mother really had a hand in your father's death." He completed, then turned around to face her. "Dreams are signs my dear. Instead of fighting it, study it. Try to understand what its trying to say to you. As soon as you find out what it is saying, the nightmares will stop."

"How would you know?" Naomi asked.

"Because I too, suffered terrible nightmares." Moyede replied. "But when I got the message it wanted to give me, it stopped."

"I guess I have to look for the message then." Naomi agreed, "I want the nightmares to end completely."

"You do that and all of this will end." Moyede moved away from the window to stand in front of her. "You will be fine, my dear." That said, he patted her cheeks lightly and affectionately, before walking out of the room.

"Shit!" Naomi cursed under her breath, few minutes after Moyede closed her room door behind him. What was she going to do about the nightmares? If they continued, she was scared that she might slip up one day and then her game, as well as her revenge plan would be over. "By the way, what was Vincent doing in my room?" She thought. "My screams cannot be the only thing that brought him here, I don't think I scream so loud." She quickly looked around, to see if her room had been searched. Fortunately, everything was in place. She heaved a sigh of relief and sank heavily on the bed. "That was a close call," she thought. "A very close one."

To be continued

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