The Third and Last Book In The Underworld Series

Finally! I'm glad to announce that Trapped- The Underworld (Book Three) is out and ready for purchase at the okadabooks app store. The story comes to an end in this series and it promises to be an interesting read. Below is an excerpt from the first chapter.

The Excerpt

That Friday morning, Dr. Femi Adebanjo's office was cozy and quiet as Hadey, the body snatcher who was using Femi's body, listened to the news on Channels Television.

"We are bringing you live updates from the national stadium here in Lagos and as you can see viewers, the place is parked full with people from different parts of the country." The reporter said to the camera. "They have come to pray for themselves, their loved ones and also for the nation. Ever since Mr. Jason Motom woke up at the hospital earlier this week, he wasted no time in narrating his ordeal in a place he called, the underworld. According to him, there are thousands of souls trapped there. The body snatchers, as he calls them, are carrying out massive body swaps while the displaced souls are fighting an endless war so as to get back to their bodies and their loved ones. Now in recent development, there are over ten thousand people who are unconscious just as Jason's mother claimed her son was. The hospitals are parked full and because of that, most of these comma patients are attended to at their various homes where they still lie motionless in bed. I don't know how this sounds to you viewers, but to me, wow! We might as well be in a movie. For further insights, we will be talking with some of the people present. We want to hear their views on the issue because as you can see," he said, pointing at some people who were using wheel chairs and stretchers to bring in their unconscious, loved ones. "They are bringing in their loved ones both on wheel chairs and stretchers. They want healing and restoration. Now let us talk with them."

While the presenter went about interviewing the people coming in for the convention, Hadey sat uncomfortably on the big chair behind the office desk. He was troubled by the news. He removed his glasses and put down the paper he was reading before the television news came up. The headline of the paper was 'Call for Prayers' by Jason Motom.' Hadey was tired of reading about Jason's interviews in the news paper and wanted a break. But when he put on the television, the news was on and he could not help but follow what they were saying. His hospital had since lost patients because of Jason's claim that he was a body snatcher whose sole purpose was to help get blood from unsuspecting victims and also have their bodies inhabited by other body snatchers. He made everyone know that the real Femi, the real doctor, was also among the people who were trapped. Those who believed Jason took away their loved ones from the hospital and only few were left but all the same, they did not totally trust the doctor. They monitored whatever was being done to their loved ones. They never let them stay alone.

Hadey's eyes were still glued to the TV screen when he heard a loud knock on the door. The person did not wait for a reply before forcefully pushing the door open and stepping inside. Ladey, in the human form of Tega Odiete, an elderly man in his 50s walked in with two other men. He was dressed in black native shirt and trouser. He wore a cream coloured hat over his head and held a walking stick in one hand. Hadey slowly rose from his seat and moved forward to welcome his boss.

"Welcome sir." He said coldly.

"Thank you." Ladey replied indifferently, as he came to stand in front of the doctor. "I see you are catching up on the news. So what do you think about this Jason of a man and the prayers he wants everyone to say?"

"He is a man sir. A man who believes in fighting for freedom. He is not different from Tega."

"So you support his cause?" Ladey asked, with his brows shooting up.

"I don't support anything, I only blame. In this case its your son I blame. Fadey's incompetence may as well be the end of all our plans."

"My son is a lot of things Hadey, I assure you. But what about us? What are we going to do about his mistakes? Sit and watch it bury us?"

"What do you suggest sir?" Hadey asked. "This hospital was supposed to help us get blood from different patients but now, look at it. How many patients did you see in the reception when coming in, sir? I have lost almost everyone. The ones who come here do so because the other hospitals are filled up already with bodies that were once inhabited by our people."

"Then make do." Ladey ordered. "You can still get their blood, right?"

"Not when their relatives and friends stand like hawks over our shoulders, just to make sure we don't take and use blood for anything else except tests."

"You are smarter than that Hadey. I know you can do something. Get the blood and store it. If Jason's plan works or if the displaced souls win the war, we will have something else to fall back to. We have to keep this a secret."

"I won't promise anything sir. But I will do my best."

"Your best is not good enough." Ladey almost yelled at him. "Make sure you do everything it takes. As for Jason and those prayer freaks, leave them to us, I already planned something special for them."

"What are you planning?" Hadey asked with a curious frown.

"Like I said, leave that to us." Ladey stressed. "Do your work doctor, and all will be well."

That said, Ladey turned and left with the two men he came in with. Hadey sighed and dropped heavily on the table. He looked back at the TV set thoughtfully. After about 30 seconds of watching the news update, he picked up the remote control and switched off the television.

"Whatever you are working on boss, I hope it succeeds. If not we are toast."

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