Night Love (Chapter Eight)

It was about 9:47pm. The city was quiet and almost asleep, as most of its inhabitants had retired for the night. One could only find very few cars on the road.

From the stereo of an old jeep moving restlessly through the city, soft music emanated. The tune and lyrics were soothing to the ear. However, the jeep made a squeaky sound, one that gave away the fact that the vehicle was not in good condition.

At some point, the vehicle diverted from the main road, into an old, un-tarred and dusty road. At both sides of the dusty road were trees and high, un-tamed grasses. It was a bushy surrounding void of human beings.

Up in the sky, the full moon shone brightly, giving light to the crime being committed. Night birds flew from tree to tree, whistling their scary tunes. Crickets cried in loud voices from inside the bush. Apart from the moon, the only other source of light in the entire bushy region was from the jeep's head lamp.

At the back seat of the jeep, Oluchi laid side ways. Her hands were tied behind her back and her long gown wrapped around her tied feet. A black cloth covered her head, blinding her view of the environment she was in. Her whimpering was almost completely drowned by the squeaky and generally noisy sound of the moving jeep.

At the front, Eze's brother, Daniel, took the wheels. Beside him, Eze sat, nursing the wound Ohis inflicted on his forehead. He held a white handkerchief firmly against the wound, so as to prevent more blood from flowing out.

"That idiot should better thank his star that I didn't get him." Eze said, angrily, still holding the handkerchief to his forehead. "I would have erased him from this world."

"Relax." Daniel admonished. "What we should think of now is how to prevent Ajiri and our big brother from talking."

"Fred won't give us out." Eze said, confidently. "Its that Ajiri girl I'm worried about. She may reveal that her stupid friend had a date with me and was about to have another with you."

"Hilarious, right?" Daniel said, chuckling. "The police will wonder why she was having a date with two brothers. Anyway, they might still take her case seriously and put pressure on Fred."

"Yep. After all he's our big bro." Eze said in agreement. "But I believe Fred will pay them off. He owes us that much. Its Ajiri that is the main issue. She knows our identity, even though she only just found out about you."

"Yep. There was real shock in her expression when she saw us together. Anyway, relax. We are in Nigeria. The police cannot do anything with only our identity. They're too lazy and sluggish."

"By tomorrow we have to get her." Eze said.

"Who? Ajiri?"

"Yes. We can't leave anything to chance."

"Sure. We will work out something. We have to contact Fred too and convince him to remain quiet."

"We will. Meanwhile, lets take this gift behind to our favourite brother." Eze said, smiling."I'm sure he will be pleased." Daniel smiled too and nodded in agreement.

After another fifteen minutes drive, the jeep finally came to a halt in front of an uncompleted duplex. The surroundings was still bushy and the duplex was the only house in the vicinity.

After turning off the engine, the men got down from the car. Eze opened the back door and dragged Oluchi out. She cried and begged for mercy but they were not moved. To avoid delay, Daniel untied her legs, removed her shoes and threw them in the back seat of the jeep.

"Just shut up!" Eze yelled at her. "Your pleas will not change what we have in store for you."

The men took her into the building and walked down a long passage. At the end of it they opened an iron door, took the cloth off Oluchi's head and untied her hands before pushing her into the small, dark room that was to become her prison. Oluchi crashed on the rough and dusty floor.The pain she felt made her cry even louder but the men were still not moved.

"You will be allowed to enjoy yourself tonight." Daniel said, a mischievous grin playing on his lips. "After that, you're so dead."

The men laughed wickedly as they slammed the iron door shut. two seconds later, the key turned in the key hole, locking the door.

"Eze please!" Oluchi begged as she moved to the door and started to bang her fist against it. Even though her hands hurt badly from her actions, she didn't stop. "Please I'm begging you. I haven' t done anything wrong to you."

"On the contrary, sweet heart." Eze replied from the other side of the door. "You have wronged me bitterly. So just enjoy your punishment."

That said, he left with Daniel. But Oluchi could hear their roaring laughter as it went further away into the night.

"Please! Please!!" Oluchi yelled and cried at the same time.

"Don't bother." A male voice said from the other end of the room. The voice sounded weak and frustrated. But all the same, it successfully scared Oluchi out of her wits.

She moved away from the door to her own end of the small room. From there, she strained her eyes in the direction the voice came from. Lucky for her, the glowing, full moon sent some of its light into the small room.  But she only saw the man's image. At that moment, she was really scared as she remembered that Eze's brother had asked her to enjoy her night before he kills her. She was very sure that the man in her cell was going to rape her before the night was over.

"Who are you?" She asked, still backing away from him.

"You have forgotten my voice so soon." The man said, wearily "At least we talked a lot on phone, only that we never really met."

"I don't care if we have spoken on phone before. The question I asked is 'who are you?' Oluchi demanded.

"Ok. I'm your friend. Your on-line friend. We were suppose to meet but things didn't go as planned. Oluchi its me, David."

To be continued...

All Rights Reserved©Karo Oforofuo. June 2015