Night Love (Chapter Five)

Tuesday morning came with all its demands. Oluchi rushed to the office and so did Ajiri. At Fred's Garments, final preparations for the up coming investors dinner party was being carried out. Oluchi was in charge, overseeing the whole preparation and decoration of the hall they were going to use. While that was on going, she placed calls to the caterers and vendors just to be sure they had not forgotten about the party and were getting ready to deliver.

The party was supposed to be held on Friday but due to reasons best known to her boss, it was brought backward to Wednesday. Her boss had already told her the day before, that she was to meet with his brother during the party. Oluchi didn't mind. She already had something stored up for her boss' so called brother.

At Global Connect, Ajiri was in a closed door meeting along with other marketers in the company. The senior marketing manager was briefing them on new developments in their mobile and other electronic products and services. They were also taught new ways to market the products and attract customers.

After the meeting, they all moved out and got ready for the day's job. Each marketer had a car and driver assigned to them. That way, no one had to struggle for mobility.

No wanting to waste any time, Ajiri quickly put her documents together in her briefcase and went out to the car parking lot. She had written down a list of top companies she wanted to visit for the day. She knew that not meeting her target meant no bonus pay at the end of the month. Life is definitely not a bed of roses. So therefore, she knew she couldn't leave the amount on her pay cheque to chance.

A short distance away from the car assigned to her, Ajiri frowned. The elderly man that used to drive her around town was nowhere to be found. In his place, was a young man wearing dark shades. He was casually dressed in white t-shirt and black jeans pant. His tight, fitted shirt revealed his athletic built. His skin was a smooth, chocolate brown. He had well shaved side beards that went a little below his ears. In height, he was about 5ft plus. Overall, he looked ruggedly handsome as he rested carelessly against the car with his back.

Frowning at the development, Ajiri walked up to him, quickly. She wasted no time snatching the sun glasses away and staring straight into his brown eyes. "Who are you and what are you doing by my car?" She questioned.

At first he was startled by her action. But when he heard the question, he relaxed. "If this is your car, madam," the young man replied, "Then I am your new driver."

"Since when? And why wasn't I told about it? What happened to Pa Edos?" Ajiri questioned again. She enjoyed the company of the elderly man who once drove her out for her marketing job. She never wanted him to be replaced. Finding another person in Pa Edos' position was not so funny for her. The elderly man used to give her a lot of fatherly advice and she always confided in him.

"You can ask your superior where Pa Edos is. As for me, I got hired this morning, low-key. And I like it that way." The man insisted.

"Look, don't think I will buy your story and hop into the car with you just like that."

"You make it sound like you are about to hop on my bed." he teased.

"Shut up!" Ajiri barked at him. "I have watched enough movies and heard enough stories to know that clean skins are always sneaking into companies and pretending to be a worker there. I'm not going to allow myself be kidnapped or killed. Not today, not ever. Excuse me." She turned around hastily and started back toward the office. However, the young man's voice caught her attention.

"Can I at least have my glasses back?" He pleaded. "I don't like having the rays of the sun in my eyes."

"Then close your eyes. I'm going to hold on to your shades until I confirm your employment in this company. If you don't like that, then be gone before I get back." That said, she continued to the entrance and disappeared into the office building.

"Beautiful, curvy, but very rude." The man said to himself. He shook his head and sighed. "Women! They are almost the same."

About Fifteen minutes later, Ajiri returned with the glasses still in her hand. "What is your name?" She asked, as she came to stand in front of him.

"Is my name important?" He asked, smiling. He knew she had confirmed his employment.

"Yes." She insisted. "Since you are my new driver, it is."

"Fine then. My name is Ohis. Now can I know yours?"

"Doesn't Ohis have a surname? Or did he fall out of the sky?" She asked, ignoring his request to also know her name.

"Ok. Since you won't tell me your name, my surname is not important."

"It is." Ajiri demanded.

"What? Are you going out? Or are you going to stand here and interrogate me all day?"

Considering the situation and the fact that time was not on her side, Ajiri decided to let go of the issue. "Ok. Feel free to keep your surname to yourself. I need to move now so take me out. I have some companies to market our new products to."

"What about my shades?" Ohis asked. "I really need them on."

"I'm going to keep it. I don't want your view obstructed and I don't want to end up in the hospital."

"Fine!" Ohis said, throwing his hand up in frustration. He already saw Ajiri as a pain in his neck but there was nothing he was going to do about it. He got into the car and started the engine. "Where are we going first?"

"Zenith Insurance." She replied, as she got into the back seat and closed the door.

Within the next ten minutes, they were on their way to one of the biggest insurance company in the Benin Metropolis. Ajiri went through her files and ran in her mind over and over again, her marketing speech and strategies. Ohis occasionally spied at her through the rear view mirror but he said nothing. Soon, they drove into the parking lot at Zenith Insurance. Ajiri left some of her documents in the car and went into the building. At the reception, the secretary asked her to wait as their MD was in a meeting.

Time rolled by and Ohis was starting to get really bored. He looked behind and picked up some of Ajiri's documents and started going through them. He liked what he saw. The new products Ajiri came to market were indeed remarkable. He flipped from page to page, reading each product description. About thirty minutes later, Ajiri came back. She looked really angry and frustrated.

"Why? This is your first stop and you already look frustrated. What happened?" Ohis asked, putting away the documents.

"I'm so tired of being a marketer. Every MD wants to go between my legs before patronizing me. They don't even want to hear what I have to say."

"As in...?"

"You know what I mean. Don't pretend. I'm so tired of the issues surrounding marketing."

"Hope you know we are a team?" Ohis stressed.

"What? Team gini. You are a driver, my driver. That's all."

"No. That's not all. I am a driver in the marketing unit of Global Connect. That makes me a marketer too. So if you will trust me as a partner, then we will make head way. You have to go back inside. And this time I'm coming with you."

"You what? You're not even properly dressed." Ajiri protested.

"Leave my dressing out of it woman." He countered. "At least I'm neat and I don't stink. That's all that matters. Now are we going to get the customer or not?"

"Well, you speak good english and you seem like the determined type. Let us go in. I will love to see what you can do."

Ohis shook his head at her sarcasm but he was not deterred. He got out of the car, took the documents from Ajiri and started toward the Zenith Insurance building. Ajiri was at his heels, wondering what her driver of a man knew about marketing. They soon got into the building and the secretary, after confirming from her boss, led the duo into the MD's office.

To be continued...

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