Night Love (Chapter Six)

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Chapter Six

Although it was night already, 8:50 pm to be precise. The night birds chirped rhythmically from time to time. The moon was full and its light caused the trees to cast their shadows on the earth.

Inside the two bedroom bungalow at the end of Eweka street, in Amete community, Ajiri held her shoes in one hand as she walked across the sitting room, heading for her bedroom. Oluchi was in the kitchen, preparing dinner. The aroma from the food she cooked filled the sitting room. Oluchi heard the door open and close. Wanting to know who it was, she left the kitchen and went into the sitting room.

"You are Late. Very late." She accused, as soon as her eyes rested on Ajiri. "What happened?"

"My dear, you better face what you are cooking o!" Ajiri replied. "Because if I start the story of what happened you won't want me to stop. In the end, that food will burn and we will sleep on empty stomachs."

"Ok." Oluchi replied with a smirk in her face. "If the story is as interesting as you've made it sound, then no problem. I'll finish with the cooking and after that, I want the complete low down."

"At your service madam. As you have asked, so shall you receive." Ajiri laughed and so did Oluchi.

Ajiri then went into her room to drop her bag and briefcase. After that, she relaxed a little before taking a shower.

About an hour later, The duo finished eating super, washed the dishes and sat in the sitting room to relax. A telemundo drama showed on the large, flat screen television.

"All these telemundo films ehn, I'm tired o!" Oluchi complained. "The love story is too much. Let them not kill us with it."

"Hypocrite." Ajiri accused. "As if you are not enjoying the drama. If there is no light to watch it you will be the first to complain that you've missed an episode."

"Can you blame me?" Oluchi defended. "I enjoy love stories. The only problem is that the love stories on telemundo are blown way out of proportion. Anyway, that aside. What happened to you today? Why did you come home so late? I haven't forgotten that you owe me good gist."

"My dear, there was a celebration for me at the office. Mostly wine sha. But most importantly, I am now a senior marketer at Global Connect." Ajiri announced happily.

"O yea! See grove. Levels don change o!" Oluchi praised her. "How did it happen?"

"Out of seven companies I visited today to market the company's products to, six bought in. The seventh company didn't have company phones, alarms, tracking devices or any of our products in their budget list. But as soon as they are financially ready, they will patronize us. The MD promised us that."

"Ajiri! hey! Ajiri! Just like that? Hope you didn't open your legs for those silly MDs o?"

"Haba! Oluchi don't you trust me again?" Ajiri asked, pretending to be hurt by her words. "By the way, I did not do the marketing alone. My driver assisted me. He is a sound marketer, Oluchi."

"Hahahaha.." Oluchi laughed. "Since when did Papa Edos become schooled in the marketing field?"

"No now," Ajiri laughed back. "I'm not referring to Pa Edos. I was talking about my new driver. Ohis is his name."

"A new driver?" Oluchi frowned.

"Yes o! My dear. He helped me market the product. Then aside from that, some of the MDs we met with happen to know Ohis personally. Because of the friendship they have, they just accepted our products without much ado."

"Aren't you even scared that this Ohis guy will report you to your boss?" Oluchi voiced her fears. "They will replace you with him once they find out he is the brain behind your success."

"That is what is most funny, Oluchi." Ajiri admitted. "Things are supposed to play out like you have said, but it won't."

"And why won't it?" Oluchi demanded.

"Because I told him I was going to recommend him to the manager so that he can be removed as a driver and given a better position in the company. He has proven that he is capable."

"Don't do it Ajiri.You will be replaced if you do."

"Oluchi you don't get the picture yet. See ehn, I would have done it since we came back from marketing but Ohis refused. He said he wants nothing more to do with the company. Being a driver is more than enough for him. Can you believe it?"

"You mean he said that? Seriously?" Oluchi asked, bewildered.

"He did o!" Ajiri confirmed. "I felt so guilty receiving so much praises, honour and even a promotion that belonged to someone else. And to think that I initially treated him like dirt."

"Ah!Ah! You shouldn't have done that now! See all he has done for you."

"Can you blame me," She asked. " We both have a knack for treating people badly, before we get to know them. Phew..." She sighed. "When my monthly pay cheque arrives, I'm going to split it up."

"Let me guess. One half is yours and the other for Ohis."

"Yes, very true. I have to say my thanks somehow. I can't just receive all the praises and goodies alone."

"No you can't." 

Talking about goodies. As a top marketer, I was given an invitation to your company's dinner party. Apparently, my boss made some arrangements with your people."

"Seriously? That means your boss is going to invest in our new collection?"

"Invest ke! No way! We are coming to eat all your food and snatch away all your investors." Ajiri laughed.

"Meaning...?" Oluchi frowned.

"As in, we will use the opportunity to talk with some of the investors you people invited. We are hoping that they get interested in our products and services."

"But that's stealing now." Oluchi protested. "How can you come and steal from us? From me, your own sister."

"Don't take it personally. We are only..."

Oluchi's phone rang at the same moment, interrupting their conversation. She picked the phone from the stool where it was resting and looked at the caller ID. She then made a weary face at Ajiri before answering the call and putting it on speaker.

"Hello." She said into the receiver."

"Hello Oluchi, my dear." Eze's voice came through the speaker. "I just got home now after a rough day and thought it would be nice to hear your voice. So how are you?"

"I'm fine. Thank you very much for your concern." She replied, making a face at the receiver. Ajiri stifled a laugh. She did not want to give away the fact that she was listening to their conversation. "So how are you doing?" Oluchi asked.

"I am doing great now that I've heard your voice." Eze replied. "So we'll see tomorrow right? Or are you busy?"

"I will be very busy. We can see each other over the weekend."

"Ok. Weekend is good. So its a date then?"

"Yes it is."

"Good. Have a great night Oluchi."

"You too Eze."

"And send my regards to Ajiri."

"I will. Bye." Oluchi quickly ended the call before he could also say bye. "This guy is a real scam. He is definitely up to something. What kind of game is he playing?"

"I don't know." Ajiri replied. "But it seems he already knows he is meeting you tomorrow."

"Of course he does. If not why will he say he will see me tomorrow?"

"But he wasn't too sure. Maybe he was only trying his luck. All the same, I get the feeling he was indirectly saying he will see you at the dinner party tomorrow."

"Exactly my thoughts, Ajiri. Anyway, by tomorrow, he will get a very rude and shocking surprise."

"I trust you on that." Ajiri smiled at her. "By the way, I have my own surprise package."

"What is it?"

"Ohis is coming with me to the party."

"Like seriously?" Oluchi asked with mouth wide open. Ajiri simply laughed at her reaction. "Come o, hope you aren't tripping for him? It's too early for that. And besides, he is your driver. That guy is a no no."

"Oh come on, Oluchi. He is coming only for business. Don't forget his marketing skills is what got me promoted today. I need him to help me talk to some of your investors. Its strictly business. Don't be scared, I told him to dress well for the occasion."

"Hmmm..." Oluchi sighed. "That dinner party is going to be one hell of a party."

To be continued

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