Interview With Naija's Next Best, Evbuomwan Erryck Floyd

KSB: Please tell us a little about yourself.

Erryck: My name is Evbuomwan Erryck Floyd from Benin City, Edo State. I am the last of 9 children. I attended Ebenezer primary school, Edo college and Delta State University, Abraka. (Delsu).

KSB: You are a musicologist, Music producer and musician. Impressive. How do you manage all three?

Erryck: Management is from within. Its something I'm gifted with. That aside, being a musicologist, musician and producer is almost the same thing. Its all connected. So it's kind of easy, though they require different sets of skills and talent.

KSB: When did you first get introduced to music?

Erryck: Music introduction was from my family. My family was a Family Of Musicians.  Also I was introduced to music by the  church. With time, I got to know a lot about both Church music and  circular music.

KSB: So when did you decide to make it a career?

Erryck: Career thought came in 2007. But I didn't take it seriously until 2013.

KSB: Do you sing or do you play instruments?

Erryck: I do both

KSB: Which instruments do you play?

Erryck: I play keyboard, clarinet, recorder, drums and voice (Laughing). My voice is also an instrument and I know just how to play it.

KSB: Wow! That's a good one. Most people don't consider voice as an instrument. But it is and it needs to be played. Ok back to our question. Have you done any song or album?

Erryck: I have done a lot of songs. As for having an album, I'm close to achieving that. I am contemplating coming out with a single or a complete album (all-out).

KSB: Ok. I'm sure either way, it will be a success. So tell us, what makes your music different or special?

Erryck: My music has fusion abilities. It embraces complex chords and progression.

KSB: How far have you been able to go with promoting your music?

Erryck: I have been doing some  online promotion using facebook, twitter and few other social sites. It's slow though but effective.

KSB: I saw that some of your songs earned you 4th position in reverbnation. That's very impressive. How did you pull it off?

Erryck: Yeah. It's 3rd now...

KSB: Third! Wow! Wow! Wow! Somebody is climbing to the top.

Erryck: (Chuckling).  Yes I am.

KSB: Congratulations.

Erryck: Thank you. Thank you very much.

KSB: So tell us, how did that happen?

Erryck: Well, since my song is nice, people will play it twice or more (smiles). I also paid some money for online promotion too. It was worth it. 

KSB: So if you get your music into first position, what will be done for you? As in, what's the reward?

Erryck: Errh... I don't know what might really happen. I'm told I might be invite for further promotion as well as a free video shoot.

KSB: (Smiles.) Lucky you. A free music Video is no joke. So what will it take to get you in first position?

Erryck: Yeah...  It's not a joke but all the same, there are investors out there and they're sourcing for investment... So if my songs are good enough, then definitely I will get a sponsor.

KSB: So are your songs good?

Erryck: Yes they are. From the response I've gotten, I know people love my songs

KSB: What are your major challenges as an upcoming artist?

Erryck: Challenges...hmm.. Well, I don't really know how to connect to where it matters in Nigeria Music Industry...maybe because I'm not in some particular locations.

KSB: Are you married?

Erryck: Yes. I have a wife and a beautiful baby girl.

KSB. Nice! Does your wife support your career?

Erryck: She does. I have a track featuring her..and my baby too. (Smiles)

KSB: Great!!! I would love to hear baby sing. You know they make the best music.

Erryck: (Laughing) Yes they do.

KSB: So talking about babies, there are a lot of upcoming artistes who are babies in the game. What advice do you have for them?

Erryck: My advice is this. "Don't give up" success can only delay...which might be a good thing...

KSB: Thank you very much, Erryck for your time.

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Till I post again, cheer to you and God Bless You All.