Ladies and Hype

I came across this post on nairaland and decided to share. I mean, this is just so funny. Why will a girl do this? And still deny it when she's caught? Hehehe...

Read the story below

Why do some ladies hype themselves like this ? Read what happened to me:-

There is this girl in my department always claiming to be a silver-spoon child.

One Thursday morning around 7:30 a.m we were in early morning lecture in the class when I noticed she was feeling feverish and was throwing up, i accompany her outside the class, expecting her to vomit something like Tea & Bread but to my greatest surprise she was vomiting Garri and groundnut, on sighting this, I was pissed off, as if that wasn't enough she increased the anger in me by saying "This can't be!" I asked "How do you mean ?" She said "This isn't what I ate before coming to school now" At full temper, I just left her outside let her vomit her intestine!