Open Conflicts in Karo Oforofuo’s Naked Secret by AllWritedit.Com is a website dedicated to reviews and edit of fiction works.

I have most of their reviews and I know they are doing a great job. However, I never expected them to review a work I published on under the category of 'Raw: Unpublished Works.'

Any book published under that category is usually a first or second draft. In other words, the writer didn't pay so much attention to a lot of details. If a book is published as 'Raw: Unpublished Works,' readers will definitely find a lot of errors.

I was hoping that if my books will be reviewed,  then it should be the ones published either as fiction, mystery, crime, romance etc. Books that have a genre are usually more error free. That is how okadabooks works. When I saw reviews of Ofili Okechukwu's book 'Afro.The girl with the magical hair,' some complained about errors. But I think they failed to realize that the book was published under the category of 'Raw: Unpublished works.'

All the same, I appreciate the team at for a very interesting,  honest and eye opening review. They hit the nail right on the head. They can't have done any better.

On my part (chuckles), I promise to edit my works very well next time. Even though they are categorized under 'Raw: Unpublished Works.' (Wide Grin).

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Also, feel free to browse through their site. I promise you will find a lot if other interesting reviews.

God Bless You All.