A New Story

Hello everyone and a very good morning to you. I have been away for a long while and I'm sure you've been wondering if there will be another story. Well, wonder no more. I have several new stories and they are all for you. #Widegrin#

Very soon I'll start posting 'Love At Sunset Beach.'

The story is about Nora Obara; a graduate from the Delta State University, Abraka. Due to the bad employment situation in the country, she decides that being a house maid might be a temporary way out of her financial crises; especially since the take home pay is more than what some white collar jobs offer.

Things went smoothly for Nora until Kayode showed up. His muscular built and personal charm was enough to sweep her off her feet.

Kayode Adepoju is the eldest child of a billionaire father. He left to further his studies abroad and even planned to get married there. However, when he discovered that the woman he loved was married to another man, he decides to come home.

Although he was still healing from his previous relationship, he didn't expect to meet a new house help whose feminine appeal was enough to send his hormones flying.

Well, you have read it all but, don't be so sure you know what to expect. I suggest you keep your fingers crossed cos anything can and will happen.


#Goes back to drinking zobo while writing.#


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