Already Released 'False Pretenses.'

This story catapults you to heights you never thought possible. It comes alive from the pages and the suspense keeps you salivating. I promise you won't drop it until you're done.


Genre: Romance

Author: Peju Amadi

Format: e-book

Publisher: Okadabooks

Release Date: 23rd of August 2015

DESCRIPTION: Falling in love with her billionaire boss, Ise Williams hadn't been Kite's plan but when he opens his heart to her after she is betrayed by someone she trusts, kite is powerless to control the steady freefall her heart engages in.

Faced with differences in their social status, blackmail from her ex fiance, opposition from Ise's doting mother, Ise's jealous P.A and a psycho kidnapper, Kite is desperate to protect her relationship with the man of her dreams, even if it means lying and keeping her secrets from him.


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