Give It A Title

In the eerie silence, my hands moved. Slowly but steadily working the knots of the rope. I tried not to make noise, so much so that I had to control my panting.

I was sure my kidnappers were either out of the house or asleep. They had made several calls to my folks threatening to kill me if the ransom was not paid. These kidnappers, whoever they were, I never saw their faces. They were always masked up whenever they came to me.

Well, paid or not, I didn't want to hang around to find out what my fate was. In the last three days, I had noticed that whenever the house was quiet, it remained so for about an hour or two.

"This is my chance." I thought, loosening the last knot. "I can't let it pass."

Soon the rope came loose and I stepped out of it, gently. Pulling off my shoes, I walked bare footed to the door and looked out into the passage. Behold, it was empty and quiet. Encouraged by my progress so far, I moved out and started down the lonely passage . I got to the end of it and turned into another passage by the right. At the far end, there was a window. The latch was undone and the window was wide open. My heart raced as I tip toed quickly toward it. It was surely my opportunity. All I had to do was scale through and run as fast as I could.

Standing in front of the open window, I looked out. My breath caught in my lungs. Instead of land, I saw water, plenty of it. Almost at the same moment, the sea breeze greeted me with a whooshing sound and plastered itself all over my face. It formed waves that rose high and fell hard, splashing into the water. For a whole week I hadn't been out in the world, neither had I taken a walk by the sea shore in front of my house.

"My house?" I thought. I frowned as I looked closer and took in the familiarity of the sea shore.

"Christ!" I said, agape. "I'm in my own house!"

I was at the ground floor of my father's stone mansion. I knew because the view of the sea shore outside was exactly the same view from my room window which happened to be upstairs, just above the window I was standing at. The only difference was that I had a better view from upstair.

"Who could have kidnapped me in my own house?" I thought.

I didn't have time to answer my own question. A door somewhere in the house opened and I heard men chatting away in very loud voices. They were back from where they went.

There was no need escaping since I was in my own house. Quickly, I tip toed back to my spot, tied the rope around me and pretended to be asleep on the cold ground. Few minutes later, someone came in to check on me. After the person had gone, I opened my eyes, sat up and sighed.  I didn't know who was behind what was happening but since I was in my own home, I was determined to find out. I knew my surroundings very well. My best moment for an attack was at night. No one knew my surroundings at night better than me.

I chuckled softly as I thought, "Oh my home. Tonight is my night."

All Rights Reserved©Karo Oforofuo. August 2015