Gunman Pleads Not Guilty? What?

A young man, twenty one years old,  who had been accused of murdering nine black churchgoers last month in Charleston, South Carolina, has got the balls to pleaded not guilty on more than 33 federal charges. The young man, Dylann Roof is a white man who's lawyer prevented from plead guilty on all counts.

According to his lawyer, David Bruck, he would not enter guilty pleas for Mr Roof until prosecutors determined whether they would seek the death penalty.

The charges against Mr Dylann include hate crimes, weapons charges and obstructing the practice of religion. Also, Dylann Roof has been linked to a website featuring racist writings. It is very clear that his actions were racially motivated.

Please, the court should deliver nothing but justice. If Dylann was black, I'm sure he would have been sentenced to life imprisonment. I call on the family of those poor victims to not rest until they see justice done for their loved ones.

Mr Roof also faces charges from the state of South Carolina, including nine counts of murder.