ISIS Commander Takes The Walk Of Shame

We all saw Cercei Lannister take the walk of shame in the last season of the popular TV series 'Game Of Thrones.' Well there was a live repeat of it in Libya by ISIS Commander, Abu-Ali al-Anbari, an Iraqi native.

It was gathered that a jihadi group fighting ISIS in Libya captured the commander. The capture took place in Derna, a strategic port city.  It is well known that ISIS had previously held a strong presence in that region.

The ISIS commander's walk of shame was created intentionally as a way of giving back to ISIS what they usually give the world in their gruesome videos. Also, it was done to sound a warning to the locals. Anyone caught supporting or promoting terrorist organizations will most definitely face the same fate or worse.

ISIS as well as other terrorist organizations have been gaining a strong hold in Libya due to political instability and poor security. We can only hope that something is done and in time too, to avoid future problems..


  1. A collective efforts by the locals like what had happened in Libya is all that is needed to defeat ISIS

  2. Very true. The same effort will help free us from Boko Haram.


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