Kevin John's 'An Evening With Eva'

If you are a fan of action or adventure movies, spiced with crime and romance, then this is for you.

Kevin tells his story in a movie-like manner, allowing the scenes jump out from the pages and stand before you. I promise, your experience with this book will be almost similar to watching a great crime movie. The difference? You won't stop reading until its finished. #Widegrin.

Title: An Evening With Eva

Genre: Crime

Author: Kevin John

Format: e-book

Publisher: Okadabooks

Release Date: 25th of August 2015

Sean, a young IT professional is tracked down and abducted by GhostCorp, who forcefully train and remodel him to become a very dangerous assassin. He eventually becomes the most wanted criminal sought by all security agencies in the country.

However, Sean's abilities keep him invincible. In their usual manner, the Ghost Corporation cajoles and lures the pretty and ravishing Eva Makinde to join their ranks, to be trained as a top assassin.

Tired of the way Ghostcorp terrorizes with impunity, Detective Ahmed decides to go up against them head on, thereby inviting the most dangerous assassins in the Corporation into his radar.

Retired Colonel Giwa Haruna, the most feared and decorated military veteran of the modern era is unofficially forced out of retirement when his nephew, Detective Ahmed's life is threatened. A conspiracy brews within the most dangerous criminal organization in the country and there is a threat to the seat of power. When Sean meets Eva at a planned dinner by GhostCorp, he falls in love with her and then the script is rewritten. Sean, Eva and the Retired Colonel form a deadly alliance and eventually destroy Ghost Corporation, killing the General (Head of GhostCorp) in the process.

Alliances are broken, enemies become allies, blood is spilled and the unimaginable comes to light just after An Evening with Eva.

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