Love At Sunset Beach (Chapter Five)

The morning started well for Nora, especially because the Adepojus were going to leave for work later than usual. Having woken up late, she was able to quickly serve breakfast and still go about preparing lunch for them.

"Nora! Please help me." Tayo said, rushing into the kitchen. He was dressed in a sky-blue, long sleeved shirt and navy blue trouser. His black, leather shoes were neatly polished and he held a navy blue tie in one hand.

"You're up early." Nora observed with raised brows. "And dressed too. What's the occasion?" Tayo never got out of bed earlier than 10:00AM. He was that lazy. However, seeing him up and dressed at 6:30AM was indeed a pleasant surprise.

"Kay didn't tell you?" Tayo asked, frowning. "I thought you two were best pals?"

"Kay didn't tell me anything. So, what is it? Where are you going?"

"I'm going to work. You're looking at the new assistant manager of Adam and Eve." He said, proudly.

"Kay's jewelry shop?" She asked, surprised.

"Yep!" He confirmed. "Great, right?"

"Yes. Very great development. Kay has really gotten you off your arse."

"Oh come on!" Tayo protested. "Don't sound like my school teacher."

"I'm not."

"So you say. Look just help me knot my tie. Its the reason I came here in the first place."

"Great! I forgot I'm nothing but your errand girl." Nora said, taking the tie from him. She threw it around his neck and started to knot it.

"No, not only my errand girl." He said, smiling mischievously. "You're my brother's secret girlfriend.

Nora tensed at his words and when she looked at him, her eyes were filled with anger.

"Ok, chill." Tayo surrendered with raised  hands. "But the truth is that he seems to really like you; In case you didn't notice."

Nora didn't know what she noticed. All she knew was that Kay had become more dominant in her thoughts and she didn't know exactly how to get him out. "Should I package lunch for you too?" Nora asked, taking her eyes off him and her mind off the topic.

"Yes. I'm sure I'll need it." He said, adjusting his tie after she had finished.

"Ok." She turned to continue her work as Tayo left. Nora smiled then. Ever since Kay arrived, he had succeeded in making Tayo more useful than he ever was. He started by making his teenage brother mow the lawn, every Saturday morning. Then he made him always clean up and arrange his own room. Now he was making his brother go to work in his jewelry shop? It was a brilliant idea. Tayo would get first hand experience in sales of jewelry and could even follow that line of trade later in life. Aside from that, being in business made him dress differently. Nora was sure she wouldn't be seeing him on sagged jeans and t-shirts any time soon. Kay was making sure of that. What made Nora even more happy was the fact that Tayo would no longer have the time to bring home his prostitutes, let alone sleep with them. She felt really relieved.

Putting her thoughts asides, she went ahead to package lunch into their lunch bags and then took the bags over to the dinning, where the family was having breakfast.

"Don't worry about me." Kay said, without looking up from his food. "I won't be needing lunch."

"Ah, ah! Kayode!" His mother protested. "You can't reject it, you'll be hungry. And you know how I feel about you eating outside."

"Don't worry mum. A good eatry will do well and I won't be poisoned. Besides, I'm not sure I'll have time for food. I have a lot of things to do today."

"It doesn't mean you shouldn't eat." His father chipped in."Ulcer is real, in case you don't know."

I know dad, I know." He admitted, looking up at Nora. The expression on her face made him pause. Although she tried to keep a straight face, he knew that his words had greatly affected her in a bad way.

Nora swallowed. The only reason Kay didn't want lunch was because he didn't want her food. He was actually rejecting her, not the food. Why then did he bother to eat breakfast? She thought, taking his lunch bag back into the kitchen and placing it on the small dinning table. That done, she folded her arms across her chest as sudden sadness enveloped her. He was deliberately trying to hurt her feelings and she did not know why. To hell with him. She concluded. He could act all cold and stupid for all she cared.

"Nora." His voice came from the open door way.

She turned just in time to see him walk into the kitchen. His expression was that of uncertainty, making her wonder what he was uncertain about. He looked smart in his Blue and pink stripped, long sleeved shirt and black trouser. His sleeves were folded up to his elbow and the neck button, undone. She would have loved to access him some more but before she could, he quickly covered the distance between them. The scent from his perfume filled her nose and caressed her senses. She suddenly had an insane desire to kiss the throbbing pulse at the hollow of his neck, but she resisted it.

"Do you need something, sir? She asked, taking two steps back. Nora didn't like the way her senses reeled at his closeness.

"Yes." He whispered, before pulling her in his arms, abruptly and descending on her lips. At first he was gentle. But as desire coursed through him, it quickly exploded into a deep, passionate kiss . He explored the insides of her mouth as she responded in ways he never thought she would. His masculine chest pressed against her soft fronts as his hands ran to and fro the length of her back. She didn't expect it but she seemed to be enjoying it. Who was she fooling? This was what she wanted, right from the moment she set her eyes on Kay. However, she had tried to resist her feelings; especially because he was way out of her league. Then there was Tayo. Oh God, Tayo. She thought. What if he comes in and sees us? Already, he suspected them of being intimate and he wouldn't mind reporting their affair to his parents. Realizing she was in a dangerous position, Nora struggled to break free from Kay's embrace but he was too strong. It took all the strength she could muster to finally break off and push him away.

"How dare you? And what was that for?" she asked, panting.

"Simple. It was a have a nice day kiss." He replied. Her wet lips were swollen and her eyes flashed with something. Something Kay couldn't understand.

"I could have easily said, have a nice day, without you forcing your lips on me." She fired at him. "You..."

"Nora!" Mrs. Adepoju called from the dinning, interrupting their conversation.

"You were saying?" Kay asked, ignoring his mother's call. His eyes glittered and his wet lips smiled at her uneasiness.

"I was saying you have no right to do that."

"To do what, Nora? Is the word so heavy for you to say?"

"You know what I mean, Kay. And being heavy on my lips or not, is non of your business. But let this be the first and last time. This won't happen again." She warned, before marching off to answer her mistress' call.  

"Women..." Kay sighed, as his smile broadened. After the little encounter at her room early that morning, he had been mad at her. Unfortunately, been mad only made him want her more. How could she be in the same house with him, looking all sexy and damn tempting, only to avoid him like he wasn't anything at all? Who did she think she was? Why couldn't he have her and why was she acting all saintly. Although he was no longer mad at her, he had earlier decided he was going to let her be. But how could he. When he had told his mother he wasn't interested in lunch, he had purposely looked at Nora, and he had gotten exactly what he wanted. What he needed to know was there in her expression, even if she denied it. She was sad that he had rejected her food. Her sadness gave him an idea. Maybe she did feel something for him, no matter how little. Just to be sure, he had to kiss her. Well, that kiss said a lot, even though it was brief. However, he was sure she was totally unaware of the fact that she felt something for him.

"I have you Nora, I got you." He thought, tracing one finger over his lips. Nora had a little spark of feeling for him and he was determined to fan that spark into a mighty flame. She would have to give in to him. Breaking up afterwards will be hard but, who knows. He thought. I might not want to break up. "Let's see how this goes." He whispered while leaving the kitchen to join the others at the dinning.

"I'm ready." He said to Tayo, ignoring Nora, like nothing had happened between them.

"Ok bro. Please give me two minutes." Tayo said. He quickly ran upstairs to get his things and soon, the Adepojus were out for the day.

Been home alone, Nora went about cleaning the house and washing the used plates. After that, she gathered the few used clothes and started to wash them. She didn't want to stop working because she wanted so desperately to block out the replay of the scene in the kitchen from her memory. Kay had completely taken her off guard. Pulling her into his arms so suddenly and kissing her like his life depended on it. She was surprised but at the same time, it felt good. Feeling his hard body against hers. Tasting his lips and giving in to their demands. But she had to pull back, she just had to. The kitchen and dinning were only separated by a wall and an open door. What happens if her employers or Tayo himself walked in? No. she couldn't risk it. she needed her job. At least, until a better one presented itself. Aside from that, whatever game Kay was playing, she didn't want to be part of it. How could he kiss her so passionately? Then a few minutes later, pretend like nothing happened?

"I'm not playing your game, Kay." She whispered as she dumped the last set of used clothes into the washing machine. "You'll have to play that game alone.

To be continued...