One of Naija's Best Upcoming Artiste

KSB: Please tell us a little about yourself

Oto: My name is Willie Otobong but my stage name is Oto. The name was taken from the first three letters of my surname. I'm a music graduate and I hail from Akwa-Ibom state.

KSB: Ok. So you are a musicologist and a musician. Impressive. How do you manage both?

Oto: A musicologist goes deep to the root of music because it does not study only the practical aspect but also studies it's theory. A musician on the other hand, dwells mainly on the practical aspect in most cases. I am able to manage both because I have studied both sides and merged them together. it's not just a passion for me, its also a career.

KSB: You sound very knowledgeable in the area of music. When did you first get introduced to it?

Oto: I got introduced to music when I was 7years old by my dad who was an organist.

KSB: So when did you decide to take it as a career?

Oto: I decided to take music as a career when I was through with my secondary school education. My decision was based on my passion.

KSB: Do you sing or do you play instruments?

Oto: I sing and play.

KSB: Which instruments do you play very well?

Oto: I play the piano and trombone.

KSB: Have you done any song or album?

Oto: I have a single. Its titled THIS KIND GOD. This is my first official music single.

KSB: Is the song pure gospel or partly gospel and partly secular?

Oto: It is gospel. I believe all good gifts and talent comes from God, therefore any genre of music should be to praise God and to affect lives positively.

KSB: What makes your song different or better than what other artistes have done?

Oto: The music industry has become a place where vulgarity is now accepted as music. I sincerely believe my music has depth. Its not just about singing so people can hear me. Its about my lyrics, my beat, the melody and piano accompaniment. Most importantly, its about how all these are merged to bring out a perfect song. My music has both the touch of a musicologist and a musician. I believe it will influence lives positively.

KSB: Ok. So when is the release date for your song?

Oto: It will be released on the 10th of this month.

KSB: That's on Monday.

Oto: Yes.

KSB: How far have you gone with promoting your single?

Oto: I'm just about starting the promotion. I would have started earlier but I have been very busy. I needed to put a lot of things in place.

KSB: Ok. So please tell us. What are your major challenges as an upcoming artist?

Oto: My greatest challenge as an upcoming artiste is good mixing and mastering of my music.

KSB: (Chuckles) That's all?

Oto: (Chuckles too) That's all

KSB: Then you have no problem at all. You're good to go. What advice do you have for other upcoming artist?

Oto: Upcoming artiste should take their time before coming up with any music. You must study the trend because music is very dynamic.

Ok everyone. You have heard from Willie Otobong aka Oto. His music will be out on Monday, 10th of August. I'm sure you will all get a download link so you can listen to this great artist. I wish Oto all the best of luck with his music career.

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God bless you for your support. Till next time, Cheers!!!


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