Please Help! Little Miss Mirachloe Needs Heart Surgery

A young couple, Mr. and Mrs. John Ikioda got married in August, 2014. This year, in July, Mrs. Ikioda put to bed a bouncing baby girl. Mirachloe is her name.

Little Miss Mirachloe Ikioda brought joy to her parents. She is still a source of joy but, her parents are scared for her life.

During the series of follow up check-up that accompanies delivery, a test was carried out. The test result shows two holes in the heart of little Miracle and something wrong with the main pulmonary artery.

Her parents were referred to kims hospital in india. They were told to go with at least 9,000 dollars for the surgery.

The problem now is that, they don't have that kind of money. However, in their bid to get help, they quickly visited the Kano Heart Foundation. There, they discovered that a lot of babies and little children are already in queue as their parents were quick to take them to the foundation. Being an NGO that operates on a first come first serve basis, Miracle won't get her surgery from them until another two or three months. Unfortunately, little Mirachloe has only one month to undergo heart surgery. This is what the doctor said.

So we are calling out to kind hearted Nigerians to PLEASE, HELP US OUT. If you know an NGO who can help, please let us know. If there are no other NGOs that help children with heart problems but you can donate to help Mirachloe get better, please do. And as you do, may God Bless You

For more details or support, You can reach Mr. Ikioda through email

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Thank you all for your anticipated help