Publicly Test Girls Virginity Before Choosing A Wife?

The king of Swaziland publicly test girls viiginity before choosing a wife. Under aged girls publicly undergoing virginity tests before king Mswati can choose a bride. You know, one of the problems the black man has is casting his lustful eyes where he has no business. If d Bible admonishes people to remain virgins till marriage, did it also give a man an express permission or authority to marshall out small girls and expose their nakedness in the public as shown in the pix above? All in the name of testing their virginity? What a babaric and backward tradition and culture indeed.

My sister sent me the above pix and article this morning. Believe me, I was speechless. Our young girls are exposed to all sort of babaric practices all in the name of culture. Now apart of the silly king who has no regard for a woman's dignity, I blame the parents of these girls for foolishly giving them out like that. What kind of wealth do they want to make from what thay have done.