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Larry Sun

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FULL TITLE · The Brand of Cain (The First Book of the Household Series)

AUTHOR · Larry Sun


GENRES · Detective Fiction/Murder Mystery/Crime/Psychological Thriller.

LANGUAGE · English

TIME AND PLACE WRITTEN · Lagos, Nigeria (2007-2010)

DATE OF FIRST PUBLICATION · Published serially in Nairaland (Nigeria)  from October 23, 2012 to November 21, 2012; published in book form in okadabooks in 2015.

PUBLISHER · Published on

NARRATION· Third-person Omniscient

CLIMAX · The climax begins from Chapter 19: Richard Philip was accused by Detective Lot of killing Cain Martins. It is also in this chapter that Richard discovered that the best friend of his adversary (Cain Martins) was his father (Michael Kish). Then a lot of truths began to surface when it was discovered that the renowned lawyer named Michael Kish was once an armed-robber who raped an innocent young girl.

PROTAGONIST · Richard Philip

ANTAGONIST · Cain Martins. This man was a villain among villains. His hatred for Richard grew so much that he was willing to end his own life to put Richard in trouble. However, he eventually died, but his death was not how he had planned it.

SETTING (TIME) · 2009 (The modern Nigeria)

SETTINGS (PLACE) · Lagos (Victoria Island and Ikoyi)

POINT OF VIEW · Third Person

FALLING ACTION · The period following the innocence of Richard Philip after Daniel Famous's confession, including the hidden truth behind Daniel's existence, Richard’s declaration of love for Abgail Martins, and Abigail's reunion with her unknown family members.

TENSE · Past

FORESHADOWING · A great deal of foreshadowing which are only noticed by shrewd readers occurs in the novel. The constant disagreement in ideas between Daniel Famous and Detective Lot foreshadows the hidden identity of the supposed murderer; the discovered second hidden note foreshadows the affection that transpired between Richard Philip and Abigail Martins; the hatred Daniel Famous had against police work foreshadows his ugly past experience and his seemingly unlikely ambition; the rape of Rita, Rosemary and Angela foreshadows the likely conception that resulted in the tragic events that later sufficed in the story; Richard meeting Abigail for the first time foreshadows the connection that later occurred between them; the fact that the victims was shot in the forehead foreshadows the truth about murder, not suicide; and so on. In addition, the dreams Richard and his mother had foreshadows the terrible things that were going to happen.

TONE · Grammatical, serious, comic, wry, pitiful, sympathetic, cheerful and idiomatic.

THEMES · The mysterious boomerang of plotted evil deeds; the danger madness can pose on apparently sane individual; the destructive nature of rape and jealousy; the psychological challenge between the detective and the apparent suspects; the planning of a skin-tight, cold-blooded murder of another human; the struggle of an innocent suspect to lure the gaze of suspicion off him; the event of the present being affected by what occurred in the past; the rather lone justice as criminally carried out against another criminal; the study of the criminal mind and its awesomeness; the intricate conundrum wrapped in a box of mystery that baffles even the renowned detective.

MOTIFS · The romance of crime and the beauty of jealousy; links and twists that paradoxically makes the basis of the crime; red-herrings as employed by the author to lure both the readers and the fictional detective off the true point of reasoning.

SYMBOLS · In the Epilogue, Akin Ayan leaving the riverside symbolises his broken oath with the gods, and this led to the disaster of losing his two children; the significance of Mrs Rosemary Philip's strange dream about a shepherd and his sheep; the significance of Richard's handkerchief Cain found with Abigail alludes to Shakespeare's Othello, this plays a major role in the big conflict; the gunshot wound on Cain Martins's foreheads symbolises the mark God placed upon Cain after he killed his brother, Abel (Genesis 4:15 - this was also the exact time Angela died when he gave birth to Abel. Reference to the sequel: The Paradox of Abel); Daniel Famous almost became a pawn in Cain's barbaric game with his 'rival'; the significance of the tattoo of a cross. Everything links together.

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