Total Deception (Chapter Four)

Bruno pushed her against the sound proofed wall as his lips descended on hers, forcing them apart so he could explore the insides of her mouth. While he pleasured himself, Alice struggled. She was being choked and sexually assaulted at the same time. Bruno on the other hand, didn't want his fun spoilt. He released her throat and used both his hands to pin hers against the wall.

"Don't fight it, Alice." He said, his breath coming in short pants. "I want to make this easy for you. I want you to enjoy it. I want to pleasure you in ways no one ever has. Please don't fight."

"Ok." Alice agreed, panting. "I... won't fight."

"Good girl." With his hands still pinning hers against the wall, he brought his lips down on hers again. "Ahhh!" Bruno cried out and then pulled back. He touched one hand to his lips as he felt blood spread inside his mouth. "You bit me. You bitch! You bit me." He slapped her with so much force that sent her head flying in the opposite direction. Before she could recover, he hit her stomach hard, with clenched fist.

"Ahhh!! Ahhh! Ahh!..." Alice cried out, gradually dropping to her knees. Seeing that he had her just where he wanted, he pounced on her.

"I told you I'll be careful. I promised to handle you with care!" He yelled as he pinned her down with one hand and used the other to raise her skirt. "Now I'm going to take you as I would a whore. You're my whore for tonight!"

"No, please." Alice struggled helplessly and cried at the same time. "Bruno pleas..."

"Shut up! Just shut up!" Bruno yelled and then a sound slap followed; causing her to cry even louder. He then held her down more firmly and started to tug at her pant. Her cries increased and so did her pleas. "You're wasting your time." He said, lowering her pant. He finished with that and started to unzip his trouser but then, he stopped. He stopped because he heard a voice from outside.

"Is anyone here?" A male voice repeated the question. Bruno quickly covered Alice's mouth and hushed her.

"You better stay here and be quiet. If you talk, the death of whoever is outside will be on your head." He warned before removing his hand from her mouth. Quickly, he zipped up and walked out of the studio room; shutting the door behind him. "Oshare, na me o!" He said. "We dey do drama practice." He lied."

Alice quickly put on her pant and pulled herself to a corner. What kind of trouble have I gotten myself into? She thought, still crying. She never for once imagined Bruno was a rapist. If she screamed for help, he may really kill the man outside and she didn't want death on her head. Dear lord! She had to take risks. She had to do something to avert his wicked plan.

Gathering all the courage she could, Alice stood up and walked to the door, carefully pushing it open. She stepped out and was well on her way to the main exit when she heard Bruno saying his good night to the man. The man was going. It was now, or never.

"Help me!" She screamed, running out into the cold night. "He wants to rape me, please! There is no rehearsal. He is lying." The man who was already on his way, turned back to asses the situation.

"Ignore her. Nothing of the sort is happening." Bruno said to the dark skinned, elderly man.

"I don't believe you." The man said. "That's the sort of excuse rapists give so as to carry out their dastardly act."

"I'm not a rapist."

"You are!" Alice insisted as she tried to move over to the man's side. Bruno grabbed her hand and sent a sound slap across her cheek. The security man tried to intervene but he got a blow from Bruno's already clenched fist. While he tried to recover, Bruno grabbed Alice by the hair and started to pull her toward the studio house. She cried out in pain but he was relentless with her.

"Make things easy for yourself and wait there for..." He didn't get to finish his sentence as a hard knock from behind set him off balance. He fell, letting go of Alice's hair. The security man pounced on Bruno then and a fight ensued. Clenched fists flew in the air, severally, accompanied by loud groans. Seizing the opportunity, Alice took to her heels, screaming for help as she ran. She hadn't gone too far when a loud bang startled her, forcing her to stop and look back.

In the distance, two bodies lay on the floor, but only one moved. The one who moved stood up and regretfully, it was Bruno.

"Oh God!" She drew a sharp breath as she realized he was coming toward her with a pointed gun. Running was useless. The guy was heartless, he'd have simply shot her and be done with. She raised both hands as he closed the distance between them.

"Bruno plea..."A slap interrupted her plea.

"Now that you have pushed me to alert the security men, I will have to quickly kill you and be gone before anyone else shows up."

"Please Bruno" She cried. Please."

"Your plea will be accepted, only if you make up for it." Without another word, he pulled her back into the studio. Once there, he took off all his clothes and asked her to do same.

"Bruno please."

"Don't waste my time. The security men or police will be here soon." He said, cocking the pointed gun. "Get your clothes off and spread your legs. It's that simple. I promise it will be painless and fast, if you cooperate."

It was morning, 6:05AM precisely. The cold morning air was the only comfort Alice felt, as she sat outside the police station with a blue blanket hanging over her shoulders. Her hair was a scattered mass. Her face, arms and legs were covered with bruises. Dry blood hung at the left corner of her swollen lips and created red patches on her forehead. The bandage on her right arm had red patches on it too. She had been to hell and back.

Who would have thought that poor Alabi died because of her? And to think Bruno killed him and got his brother arrested? She sighed. Bruno was a real brute. He was determined to have her that night, with or without her consent. She blinked back tears that were threatening to irrupt, as the memories came flooding back.

After he pointed his gun at her and she still refused to undress, he put a silencer on the pistol and shot her arm. The excruciating pain caused her to cry out. When Bruno threatened to shot again, she quickly undressed and dropped her clothes on the speaker by her side. He smiled then, running his eyes over her naked body.

"Now lie back and spread those lovely legs."

"Bruno please." her sobs shook her fragile form.

"Christ woman! You're still pleading at this point?" He yelled. "Can't you see I'm ready to explode on you?" Ignoring her pleas, he dropped his gun on the table, moved closer and pushed her down on the soft rug beside the speaker. Within minutes, he was on her; exploring her body with both his hands and lips. Alice cried and tried to fight but he warned her to behave. He was still exploring her body when the distant sound of sirens caused him to pause.

"Ohhhh! They are almost here." He grumbled. "We have to take things to the next level." He raised her legs up and prepared to penetrate, but then, a sharp object pierced his side deeply, causing him to cry out in pain. While he had been busy exploring, her hand had mistakenly touched pieces of broken glass which were hidden behind the speaker. She had taken the longest of them and used it on him. Still trying to recover from the sudden attack, Bruno let go of her legs and then landed a hot slap across her cheeks. "You bitch!" He cursed.

Alice cried too but she was determined. She quickly grabbed another long, broken glass and before  Bruno could descend on her, she drove it into his stomach again and again, and again. Bruno moaned in pain and gasped for air as he fell on top her, struggling to stay alive. She pushed him off and got to her feet. Not minding her nakedness, she ran out, screaming for help. The police, been already close, parked their cars a short distance away from the building. Within seconds they emerged from it with guns in their hands.

"Jesus Christ! What is this?" One of the police men asked, startled, as his eyes came in contact with Alice's naked body. "Why are you..."

"I think I killed him." She interrupted the officer. "He is inside the studio. I killed him." Her sobs shook her body. One of the men quickly took off his jacket and wrapped it round her nakedness. He then put her in the car to rest.

It wasn't until thirty minutes later that one of the officers brought her clothes to her, while the others carried Bruno's body out of the building. After searching his bag, the police discovered a lot of implicating evidence. Including a video and audio recorder, respectively. At the station, Alice was allowed into Inspector Efete's office when the video and audio evidence were played.

Bruno was a lot of things. Unfortunately for him, being a fool topped the list. Been a cultist in hiding, he recorded all his criminal activities and sent them as evidence to other members of his cult, who were also in hiding. Apart from the recordings, he also had a personal diary where a lot of his plans were written. He was the one behind Alabi's death. His only reason being that Alabi's brother had jilted a female cult member. The original plan was to get Alabi expelled from school. But since the dean refused to expel him, they decided to kill the poor boy and plant the evidence on his brother so as to get him arrested. The following morning, he decided to take his game further by roping Alice into the scandal. Since the day he set eyes on her, he had wanted her. They were not so close to each other but he was sure he could map his way into her heart. He started by anonymously alerting the police of her presence at the crime scene the night before, and later on, sent an edited video incriminating her. He wanted to get her mixed in the whole murder mess and then rescue her. That way, she would feel grateful for his help and offer her body to him. Then he would take her, in all the ways he had imagined. Unfortunately, when he found himself alone with her in the studio, which also happened to be his hideout at night, he decided it was better to just have his way. Why wait? When she was there, in front of him?

Alice had been questioned about what happened afterwards, but she didn't think the police bought her story, especially since they were looking for someone to arrest. There was no recording, be it video or audio, of what transpired that night. She knew it would take grace to not get arrested.

Alice nodded her head in a rhythmic pattern, as if trying to ward off the ugly images from the night before. Like the trouble she had gone through wasn't enough, there she was, sitting outside while waiting for the authorities to decide her fate. She closed her eyes then and took a deep breath.

At the opposite end of the open compound, Bruno's body laid naked and lifeless on the ground. Thick, Dry blood remained on his side and stomach, where he was repeatedly stabbed. His eyes were still wide open, as if wanting nothing more than to hunt her, even from the great beyond.

Police men went about other duties while students and few lecturers came to claim Bruno's body. Alice gathered from the few whispers here and there that his mother couldn't come because she could not bear the pain of seeing her son's dead body. Already, her heart nearly stopped when she heard what had become of her son, her only child.

"Alice." A female voice called, interrupting her thoughts. Alice looked up and behold, it was the Inspector. Her second nightmare. Surprisingly and for the first time since they met each other, the Inspector wasn't angry. Her eyes were filled instead with sympathy and understanding."

"Are they going to arrest me?" Alice asked, going straight to the point.

The inspector sat beside her instead and chuckled lightly. "Why should they arrest you when I'm in charge of the case?"

"Well, I'm a murderer. I murdered someone."

"You defended yourself and I admire you for that. Besides, if you hadn't taken him out, he would have gotten away with two murders and rape."

"Yes he would have." Alice agreed, her mind going back to the security man who had tried to save her. Silently, she said a little prayer for him before turning to the inspector. "Have you told his people?"

"Yes." She answered, thoughtfully. "Unfortunately he has a pregnant wife at home."

"Oh God! See what I caused." The tears she had been fighting to hold back finally broke loose. "Bruno warned me that he'll kill him if I asked for help. I didn't listen. How is that poor woman going to cope?"

"You did what you had to do. Stop blaming yourself." Inspector Efete consoled her. "When I battled cultism on campus, I was sure I left no stone unturned. But, if someone like Bruno was on the loose, I wonder how many still are."

"I bet they are plenty."

"Yes. And they will come after you."

"Me? Why?" She asked in horror

"You killed their member. Cultists love payback."

"Then just arrest me. That way they wouldn't find me to kill."

"No one is arresting you, Alice. But from now on you're going to live in my house."

"What?.... Really?"

"Really. I can't risk leaving you unprotected.

Alice sighed. She wasn't sure what it would be like living with the Inspector. But as things stood, any cultist coming for her would most definitely have the full police squad to deal with.

The End

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