Will she succeed in her REVENGE?

Love is like a smile, it is enticing.

Love is like a play, it is exciting.

Love is like a song, it is  pleasing to the ears.

Love is a great emotion, it either uplifts one to great heights or drowns one in sadness

Love is like a curse, it is hard to break free of.

Damn Love! Damn Frank! Damn the guy who taught me how to love and how it felt to be heartbroken. I Rued the day I met him.

He came into my life and shattered it. He broke my heart into pieces, tied it up and threw it into the ocean.

I no longer have a heart!

I will make him suffer. I will give him a slow, silent and painful death. He'll pray for death, but will never see it. I'll cut off his manhood and feed it to him. THE BATTLE HAS JUST BEGUN.
Get ready for my attack!

That was Chinyere's lamentation after being jilted by Frank, her first love.

Will she succeed in her REVENGE?

*Find out what Chinyere did in this interesting novel.*

Title: Had I Known

Author:  Chukwu Jacinta

Genre: Erotica

Publisher: Okadabooks

To get your copy, click here http://okadabooks.com/book/about/10019

It promises to be an interesting read.

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