Dark Tears of Babylon

From the desk of the author of the smashing detective story titled 'The Brand of Cain' (It can be purchased here for just two hundred naira: http://okadabooks.com/book/about/9975) comes a blockbusting supernaturally romantic short story titled 'Dark Tears of Babylon'.

Description: Sam woke up from a dream where he was shot dead. When he awoke, he found the apple he had been eating in the dream, and he also received a weird phone call from the woman he met in the dream. Now, Sam must set on a journey to a strange street in Rivers State to uncover the cryptic significance of the series of weirdness that he experienced. And most importantly, he had to find the woman of his dream.

"She is the love of your life; the person you're destined to be with forever. But you cut it short by your actions. You shouldn't have left her side. You shouldn't have come to me. Your coming to me destroyed everything. I tried to correct your first mistake by giving you the apples to eat. Those apples were meant to keep you alive. But you had to come back again to look for a phone you never lost. That was beyond my control. So, you had to die to set things aright. Mabel will miss you for the rest of her life. You have lost your one true soul mate because of your actions. She will continue to dream about you. You are dead here; lost to her forever. The only place she would always find you is in her dreams. Damage has been done to reality."
Publisher: www.okadabooks.com

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