Dusk Till Dawn? 😐

I was coming home some days back when I saw something similar to the picture above. I couldn't capture the image because I was on the move. However, I've tried to create something almost similar to the original poster. Looool

It was a not-so famous eatry trying to advertise their night club.

But really, if I was a club goer and I see that kind of poster being used to advertise a club, the owner really thinks I'll visit it? And at night too? Hehehe...

The lady used in the poster reminds me of the movie "Dusk Till Dawn." For all I care, the club could belong to vampires. See the eyes sef. Lol

Moral of the story: Don't use wrong images to advertise your business. You'll definitely pass across a wrong message to 'would-be customers.'

Good morning everyone