Gentle Wild (Chapter Three)

William Osborne got into his cave house located in the heart of the forest. The necklace he had gone to purchase from the shopping mall belonged to his late sister, Ellen. The necklace was a heart shape in two piece. He bought it when his parents died and then gave one half to Ellen. It was used to symbolize that nothing would ever come between them.
However, after Ellen’s death, her own half of the necklace got missing. Since it was pure gold, William suspected that someone stole it from her neck when she fell down from the staircase; it was the fall that eventually claimed her life. The doctors later confirmed that she died of heart attack.

William was confused as to how his kid sister developed a heart problem let alone die of it. Well, since she was already gone and there was no coming back, he wanted to hold on to her memory and the necklace came to mind first. Unfortunately, when he checked her neck, it was gone. Since then, he had been looking for it. He went as far as sending people to jewelry shops to look for it. He really missed his dear sister and since he could not have her back, he would do anything to get the necklace back.
When Mark finally told him that he saw the necklace at the shopping mall, William immediately went to buy it before someone else did. He needed to keep the necklace because it helped to keep the memory of his sister alive.

William Osborne was chocolate in complexion, tall, had muscular features and an afro he loved very much. His side beards were well trimmed to fit his handsome face. William was the proud owner of Global Island Development (G I D), a Company that specialized in Island creation and development.
Although he inherited the Company from his late father, the idea which led to the creation of William Island was his. After his father died, he took all of his father’s land and bought some in addition to it. After building it into an Island, he named it William Island. He made it a place for relaxation and vacation. Since the creation of the Island, lots of people visited jusr to spend holidays. The money he had made so far was almost triple the cost of creating and developing the Island.

Although he usually dressed as a bush man, he did it for a reason and until he achieved his purpose, he was determined to continue his disguise.
That afternoon, the walk back to the cave was long. The heat made it even more tiring. He was sweating profusely when he got into the cave. After he got in, the first thing he did was take a bath.

While in the shower his mind went back to Monica. He had heard a lot about her from Mark but he was yet to meet her in person and to know if what Mark said about her was true. Well, he did not expect to meet her that day but he did and he was seriously in awe.

How did such a nice and beautiful lady get married to a tout like Greg Okigho? That was exactly the same question he asked himself when Ellen married the idiot. He wanted her to be happy but not with that goat. She was so much in love with him that she failed to see who she was getting married to. She had met Greg, or should he say, Jeff, online and William knew that nothing good could come out of online dates; especially because of his own experience. That was why he did not support his sister’s relationship right from the start. Of course some people were lucky to meet nice people online but he knew that such luck was not meant for him or his sister.

William had tried to stop the wedding, but his actions only made his sister mad at him. Since he did not want any rift between them, he gave in to her wishes and the wedding took place.

One year later Greg faked his death and 2 months later, his sister suddenly died of heart attack. The business empire he had built for her was suddenly brought down to nothing and all her money, cars and landed property were gone in a snap, all sold out. It happened so fast, making William totally shocked and confused.

At first he did not know what was happening, until Louise, a police IG and a friend to his late father drew his attention to some details. When they went through the details together, all fingers pointed at Greg as the culprit behind Ellen’s death and the disappearance of her wealth. It was then he knew Greg wasn't dead.
The fact that Greg killed Ellen and took everything that belonged to her made William mad with anger. He confronted Greg but Greg already had his plans. He got some of his boys to beat William up while he travelled out of the country. But for the quick intervention of Louise, he would have died that day in the hands of those hoodlums.

Because of that experience, William went to learn martial arts as he decided not to give up until he had brought Greg or Jeff, whatever he called himself, to justice and retrieved everything he had stolen from his sister, and other unsuspecting victims.

Lucky for him, Louise was on his side and so was Mark. Mark was ex- military and so he knew his way around getting things done. Three of them had been looking for Greg without any luck whatsoever until one afternoon when Louise spotted him and Monica going into a restaurant in Lagos.

Louise called William immediately to tell him the good news. William was indeed happy to get the news but he was concerned about Greg’s new victim and so, he asked Louise to hold on a bit and make sure no harm came to the innocent woman. He was determined to help Greg’s new victim but, he had to do it with caution.
He had not set eyes on her until that afternoon. Mark had always gone on and on about how beautiful and kind hearted she was but he had never taken him serious, at least not until that afternoon. She was indeed a beauty and she was kind of respectful too. He only hoped that those pig heads at the shop won’t spoil her. They treated him shabbily because he posed as a bush man; they did not know he owned the Island they were standing on. Well, humans will always be what they are, human. He thought more about Monica and not for the last time, wondered why she did not see beyond physical appearance. Why did she marry a man like Greg?
“A beauty marrying a beast.” He thought to himself and chuckled. “Well, it seems the beauties always look forward to being with the beast.”
It was almost 3 years now since the death of his sister and his experience with Greg. He had started disguising as a bush man early in the year when he first spotted Greg on the Island. It seemed Greg had regular meetings with some of his employees at G.I.D in the bush and since he wanted to spy on them, he had to disguise. He needed to know their plans. He then found out that some of his employees were trying to embezzle some of his Company funds and give it to Greg, for whatever purpose he knew nothing of. When he got back to the office, he quickly fired them. Since then he had continued to be the bush man. It was his best chance to know what Greg was up to and who else was working with him.

The cave house he stayed in was located in the heart of the forest and it was a secret between him, Mark and Louise. Mark had overseen the task of getting it built and furnished. Everything one could ask for was provided. The cave was completely hidden from the prying eyes of passersby. From the outside, the cave looked like a rock covered in thick bush. No one knew if there was a cave house behind the bushes neither did they know if anything or anyone lived there.

After bathing and changing into a comfortable outfit, William went into the kitchen where he found Mark sitting at the kitchen table and watching football while baking pies. Mark loved to cook and bake and because he was exceptionally good at it, William decided to have him around all the time.

“And those are for?” William asked refering to the pies as he fetched himself a glass of water from the tap.
“For me and you of course.” Mark replied. “There’s no one else here. Louise is still away. So, did you get the necklace?”

“Yes, I got it… and something else.” William replied.

“What else did you get?” Mark asked as he lowered the volume of the TV.

“I got to finally meet our friend, Monica.”

“Oh yeah?’ Mark asked, sitting up;looking excited. “So did you two talk? Cause I know you would not want to reveal yourself to her.”

“Well, I did not reveal myself but we talked a little. Now I agree that you were right after all. She is beautiful, nice and she seems very accommodating. But, I fear that her co workers at the mall may influence her to be someone she’s not if she lets them.”

“I doubt she will.” Mark argued. “I go to her house at least once every week and her attitude hasn’t changed a bit. Don’t worry; you will get to know her as time goes on” He said with a wink.
“And what exactly are you implying?” William asked, taking the opposite the seat.

“Nothing Willy.”

William smiled and shook his head. Mark and Louise always talked about him getting a good girl to settle down with. They constantly suggested different women and since Monica was on the Island, they had started to suggest her to him. They felt she was better than most of the other ladies they suggested in the past. He on the other hand did not think it was the right thing to do. He was only helping her because he did not want her to suffer the same fate as Ellen, and yes, after meeting her today, he liked her personality but he was just not interested in having a relationship with her at all.

He picked up the remote control and increased the TV volume before looking back at Mark.

“Say whatever you want Mark, but I’m never going to be interested in her that way.”

“Are you saying that you don’t find her attractive?” Mark asked.

“She is attractive Mark” William replied “But that is no criteria for me to date her.”

"So what is your criteria?”

William smiled and studied Mark briefly. He had lived long enough with him to know what the expression on his face meant.

“Forget it Mark, I’m not having this conversation with you?”

“Suit yourself man. After all, I can’t be the one making decisions for you.”

Mark sighed; making a face. He knew William could be a very hard nut to crack sometimes, so, he let the matter rest and went back to watching the football game while the pies baked in the oven.

To be continued...