Love at Sunset Beach (Chapter Eleven)

Kay did everything he could to convince Nora that he was serious. One thing led to another and they were soon locked up in sizzling romance; hands around each other as they explored each other's lips. Been that he respected her and didn't want to be found taking advantage of her, he knew where to draw the line. Even when he knew she wanted more of him, he pulled back.

"What?" She whispered; her lips swollen from the kisses he showered on her.

"You know where this would lead to if we continue."

"I know."

"We can't continue. We can't go all the way, you're not ready." Kay insisted

"How would you know? I thought you said you wanted something serious?"

"Yes. But you're not ready for this part. I don't want you to wake up in the morning hating me."

"The only reason I'll hate you is if I wake up in the morning and discover that you are a fraud." She chuckled.

He smiled, looking into her eyes and being mesmerized by her soft laugh. "Is that your way of saying yes?" He asked.

"Yes." She admitted. "You're right, Kay. I like you a lot, really. And..."

"Just like?" His brows shot up.

"Oh come on! Can we start from there, please?

"Ok, I won't push it." He surrendered. "But I will spend everyday making sure that like turns to love."

"I know you will." She smiled, nodding her head.

That night they spent time in each other's arms, cuddling up and living moments they had only thought of. Time was far spent when they finally went to bed. Kay insisted that Nora joined him in his room. She was reluctant at first, but a little persuasion here and there, changed her mind.

Nora knew she could trust Kay not to make moves on her, as long as she wasn't ready for it. Even as she closed her eyes; her head resting on his arm, she wondered why she gave in so easily to whatever demands he made. Men never had it easy with her but Kay? He just seemed to take whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it. There was no real resistance. On her part, she loved him. Yes she did. Hiding her feelings and pretending like she didn't want what Kay was offering was just a front, so as not to look cheap. She would let him know how she felt about him, but not yet. She needed to find his real assailant and bring him/her to book. Only then would she be at peace and only then could she be settled for a relationship.


Looking at her that morning; as she laid peacefully in his arms, Kay knew he had to act fast. Nora had said something the night before about going off with a family friend who happens to be a soldier. Together they were going to question Mustapha about his allegations and also find out who must have paid him to tell lies on her. He couldn't let her beat it to him, no way!

Carefully, he got out of bed, took some of his stuffs and went to another room to freshen up and get dressed. Before he left, he asked Tayo to do everything possible to keep Nora in while he was away.

"What if she insists on going out? You want me to tie her up?"

"If she insists, go with her." His expression was serious and Tayo knew he was not joking.

"And where are you going?" Tayo asked. He had come in late the night before, greeted the love birds and taken off so as to give them some space. God knows they needed it.

"To get answers." He replied and got into his car.

Tayo smiled as he watched Kay drive out. He knew how his brother could be and he knew he was definitely going to get the answers he was looking for. Closing the door behind him, he went into the kitchen to fix toasts for breakfast. Liz Lawrence's 'When I Was Younger' emanated from the kitchen stereo and he sang along.

Forty five minutes later, he was just finishing when Nora stepped in, dressed in Kay's t-shirt and boxers. Her hair hung loose over sleepy face and her arms crossed her chest.

"Hey TY, where's Kay?" She asked.

"Out! Something urgent came up. Good morning." Tayo greeted; a mischievous grin plastered on his face. "Did you sleep well?"

"Wipe that smirk off your face TY, before I help you."

"Hahahaha.... But seriously, what's wrong with my smile?"

"It reeks of shit." She scowled at him; playfully.

"Wow! One night with my bro and I can see you've gotten yourself back."

"Your mind is corrupt. Your brother and I, we only slept, nothing more."

"Hmmmmm..." His brows shot up. "I see you're in the defence."

"No I'm not. I'm only hungry. What did you cook?" She changed the topic as she moved to sit at the small dinning.

"Cook?" Tayo rolled his eyes. "Since when did I become a cook?"

"Oh come on! I was away long enough for you to learn."

"The only thing I learnt is how to toast bread. Kay is a super cook. He can cook for you later, if you don't want to toast."

"Hahaha...."She laughed, softly. "You'll always be Tayo."

"Of course. I don't hope to be anyone else."

"Thanks." She said, a sincere smile of gratitude on  her lips. Ever since she got out of police custody, she hadn't really thanked him for standing up for her.

"Thanks? What did I do?" Tayo asked, truly confused about what she was getting at.

"Thanks for standing up for me. I never thought you would."

"Oh! That?" He waved it aside with one hand before turning back to face his toast. "Forget it Nora. I should be the one apologizing for my parent's poor treatment of you. You shouldn't have been  accused in the first place, let alone arrested. I never expected that with the almost daughter to parent relationship you shared with them, they'll be so mean. And to think that they didn't investigate?" He sighed in resignation.

"I was surprised too." Nora said. "But I was more surprised when you stood up for me."

"Ah! I might be the biggest pain in your ass Nora; but seriously, I take you close to my heart. You're like the sister I never had."

"Really? So all those talks about me being a maid specially hired to serve you was what?"

"It was me getting you very angry." He chuckled again. "Come on Nora!" He said when he saw her raised brows. "You made some terrible remarks about me and I just had to get back at you somehow. Besides, I'm not still comfortable with kitchen and house chores. So you and Kay, settle this thing between you two so you can resume kitchen duties. I missed your cooking."

Nora chuckled then. She couldn't help it. Tayo was a nice guy after all. He looked more like he was taking after his elder brother. She had come to see through his mask and she loved what was behind it.

After gisting a while longer and having breakfast, Nora went in to freshen up and get dressed.

"Where to?" Tayo asked, feigning ignorance. He had finished washing the dishes and had freshened up too.

"To your house." Nora replied, wearing her shoes. "My father's friend and I, we want to speak with Mustapha."

"Oh! Concerning the accusation I guess."


"You want me to tag along?"

"Don't you have other things to do? I don't want to take your time."

"Feel free to take it. I have nothing else to do. I can go with you, but only if you want me to. Besides, Kay will kill me if I don't keep an eye on you. So save a brother, let me tag along."

"Seriously? That sounds like a rehearsed line." Nora accused, playfully.

"I assure you, I rehearsed it very well." He grinned.

"Hahahaha..." She laughed. "You! Ok you can come. I think I'll need an extra body guard."

To be continued...