Relationship Talk? Again? Shhhh.... Read First.

Let us talk a little on relationship this morning.

There have been a lot of talk, seminars, articles etc on the topic 'How to Have a Good Relationship."

However, no amount of theories or rules will work for everyone. One man's meat they say, is another man's poison. I read a post on nairaland recently, about a guy asking for advise. His girl refused his marriage proposal because according to her "He is short."

Then you also see ladies complaining about loosing their men because according to the men "They (the ladies) are not well shaped or have no jobs."

I also read another post about a man trying to pick a life partner. He has a friend he loves and would love to have for a wife. A girl who he is so free with. However, his only problem with her is 'She has no job." Na wa o!

Anyway, he met another lady who happens to work in the same oil company he works. Their relationship is strained because he doesn't feel so free with her, not like he is with the jobless girl. But all the same, he thinks of her as the perfect wife material. Why? Because of the money she earns?

I can assure you that if he marries the working class lady, he will spend the rest of his life regretting his actions.

As for me, I believe that if you want your relationship to work, first:

* Both parties must be interested in making it work.

* Communicate with each other. Its only through communication that you can understand each other, get close to each other and grow your love for each other.

As long as I'm concerned, the rules up there play a major part in keeping our relationships together. Anything else is a bonus.