They Have a Place Reserved in Hell. #WickedChuckle.

We live in a society where the media has done more harm than good, in relation to physical appearance. Every man wants his woman looking exactly as he first met her, yeeeeaaaarrrrss back. They forget that she grows older by the day and also, certain life changing events must occur.

Now picture this. A man marries a woman he calls beautiful. After years of marriage and there is no fruit of the womb, the man starts to get angry at every little thing she does. His family steps in with various accusations leveled against the wife. His mother insists on a second wife. As long as she's concerned, she wants grandchildren

Meanwhile, wifey has lost her confidence and peace of mind. Tears becomes her morning, afternoon and evening meal.

*Change the situation.*

A man gets married to a woman he calls 'Beautiful.' After a few months, she conceives. As the months begin to count, her body system starts to change, same with her physical appearance. She adds a lot of weight and soon, her husband is complaining.

"You're too fat o! ah, ah!"

Subsequently, the complain comes in a different way. "You're so ugly now o! What's happening?"

The months go by and soon, she puts to bed and decides to do "baby friendly" (Breastfeed her baby for 6 months before introducing baby food). The irresponsible husband then complains again.

"Your body has changed a lot, you're so fat now. Instead of you to eat less, you're still eating every now and then. Mtcheeww."

He forgets that his wife must replenish what the baby has taken or else she loses strength; especially if the baby na 'Chopper.'

Now don't get this wrong. I'm not encouraging women to stop looking good. My point is, if childbirth takes its toll on a woman, its her husband's duty to help her bounce back to shape; no matter how long it takes. Some take up to a year. Being a mother, especially a nursing mother, is no child's play.

But you see most of our men? You give them a child or not, they will still complain. Human(Men found guilty) wants are totally 'Insatiable.'

I loose respect for men who call their wives fat or ugly after they(The wives) have gone through hell, just to give them jewels.

Like #NinaSimone said: "Such men have a special place reserved for them in hell." Lol.

Don't ask me how I know, ask #Nina.