(Food for Thought) Nothing is Fair

"Our girls are bad. They're gold diggers!"

The above is what I hear from lots of guys.

Before we conclude, please, let us look at this situation:

A woman, and I've met many, who has three suitors will have to choose one from the three.

She would have chosen the first one; he has money. He is rich and can comfortably take care of her. Besides, he is level headed. But she doesn't want him. She doesn't feel anything for him. There is no connection, not even a thin line.

The second one is also rich. Although not as rich as the first. He is loud, very loud. She doesn't like loud people.

The third is a man struggling with his finances. But he speaks to her heart. She is really into him. She knows she has to work hard to assist him in building their finances, and she's ok with it.

"This is the man I want to marry." She tells her family.

All hell breaks loose. How could their daughter choose a pauper over wealthy men? What nonsense! After all said and done, they give in to her plea and the wedding takes place.

Fast forward to three years later. The man has grown, he has a good job. The wife, having used her money to support the house before the job, has no savings. Her business has not grown.

The man, four years later, starts to build a house. The woman; having raised capital to help her business grow, supports him. Again, she cannot save. Every profit, sometimes capital too, is put into building the house.

Now the house is set. Every little mistake she makes, he tells her :

"Don't ever do that in my house again." Forgetting that they both built the house.

The wife's business once more, is almost closing down.

"Honey please, I need some money to help my business stand." She pleads with her husband.

"This your business sef, abeg just forget it. You're not a good business person that's why your business is almost closing."

"Ah ah! Was it not from there I supported the building of the house? I spent almost two million from that business."

"That talk is your own. Forget it. Simple."

Many other issues come up and the woman soon starts to regret her decision. She should have just married the wealthy suitor. That way she wouldn't have helped build a house she can't claim rights to. And her business would still stand.

The above story is not always the case; but it happens. 3 out of 5 women experience this. When their friends see the situation, they quickly decide its better to marry the wealthy suitor.

Now the struggling and not so wealthy ones are complaining.
Can you blame these women for taking such decisions?

Life! Nothing is fair.


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