For Women- How to Keep Your Relationship (1)

What Moves a Man?

Men are created differently from women. What moves us or keeps us going is not the same as what moves a man. There are certain things that you should and should not do to your man if you want to keep him. To start this book, let us first look at those things that move a man.

Certain things moves a man in this world and amongst them are

Woman: It could be an elderly woman or a young one.
Sex: It is true that a man’s sexual urge is in most cases higher than the others. 
Sports: It could be Football, Base ball, Hand ball, Car racing, Cricket, Basket ball etc.
Cars: A man once said that apart from women, one other thing a man loves so much is his car.
Family: A man would rather do something very stupid and out of place than standby and watch his family go through embarrassment, shame and suffering.

Above are just a few of the things that really move a man. Without number one and five, some men, not all, would have no driving force to success. Now let us look into them one after the other.

Women: Men are hard wired to notice any young beautiful woman who is friendly, intelligent, and fertile and can give birth to children etc, but most importantly, men are attracted to women who are beautiful and also dress beautifully. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and in this case the beholders are the men.

Men were created this way and so there is nothing even modern medicine or science can do to change that. I have come across men and boys who unconsciously look at other women even when they are with their wives or girl friend. Now looking at other women doesn’t mean they have lost it for their partners. They have only seen something beautiful and cannot help but admire it. All you as a woman need to know is this, as long as it is you he loves, there is nothing to worry about. Those young ladies cannot take him from you.

Sex: Sex is mans second food and we all know that a hungry man is an angry man. Sex is the one thing that men; especially those with a healthy sexual appetite, want to keep enjoying no matter what.

Men / boys who are either amateurs or are deprived of great sex turn to porn and this drives a lot of women wild with anger and jealousy. What these women fail to realise is that to these men, they are only watching their sexual fantasies. I also want to point out the fact that even though these men watch porn, they do not wish to be married to those porn stars, they still love the descent sexy woman they are with and only want her to satisfy or fulfil their fantasies.

Sports: Men love sports with all their heart. Although I am yet to really understand why but I believe it’s because they grew up playing several games and now that they are older, they still need those games to relax. The sports could be Football, Base ball, Hand ball, Car racing, Cricket, Basket ball, playing Video games etc.

One thing we women should know is that men are attached or drawn to sports just as we are drawn to the salon to either fix our nails or make our hair. We grew up learning that we must look good and that is why that habit is still with us. On the other hand, men grew up to know football and a variety of other spotting activities as a way of relaxing and socialising. To them, it’s their social network.  Being your partner doesn’t mean he should stop enjoying sports.

When a football game is on, a man would hardly give a moment’s thought to his wife or girl friend until the game is over. Don’t take it personal dear, he hasn’t totally forgotten you; he is just catching his fun.

Cars: Men play with a lot of things but not their cars. To them, these cars are like babies who need to be pampered and properly taken care of. It is for this reason that you see men showing off the new car to their friends and family. These cars are not only their babies, they are also trophies. 

Family: There is no man, I mean a real man, who would not do anything to see his family happy and comfortable. A man’s family is usually his driving force to succeed in life.

Now as a wife or girl friend, remember that you only recently came into the picture. Try to mix with his family and take them as yours. This act alone will move him deeply if it is done from your heart and not just because you want to keep your man.