Gentle Wild (Chapter Six)

It was daybreak and Monica sat quietly on the big bed provided for her and JJ. She was unable to sleep for the rest of the night. William did everything possible to make her sleep but she refused. She was totally surprised that the so called bush man was actually the almighty William Osborne; moving about in disguise. She wanted to be mad at him for deceiving her but, all she could think of was that she was totally in his depth. If Inspector Louise had not shown up the night before, nothing William said would have made her believe him; but now, she was altogether confused. Although she remembered the similarities between the bush man and William, she still wondered how he managed to fool everyone.

Mark also showed up the night before. He had gone back to the house to pick a few more things for Monica and JJ but before he got there, the house was set ablaze. The fire too wild; preventing him from going in.

As to how they got away from her husband, William said he already had back up. Earlier, he sent Mark to get Louise while making his way to her house. When he saw there were two assailants in the house, he sent a text asking them to hurry up; as things may get out of control.

When Monica switched on the sitting room light and fainted after seeing Jeff, William had to engage him. It was a trick that prevented him from shooting Monica; especially because that was all he, Jeff, was bent on doing. The noise from their battle caused the other intruder to come to Jeff's aid. William put up a good fight but he was finally dealt with and Jeff gave him a deep cut at his side. At the moment they took William down; about to shoot him, Louise and Mark showed up, firing their guns.

According to Mark, both Jeff and his partner were badly hit before they escaped, but they equally knew that they would be back with more enforcement. It was for that reason William suggested that Monica and JJ be brought to his hide out in the bush. They packed some of the relevant things they felt Monica and JJ would need before leaving the house. Mark was good with stitches so, he stitched William up because he refused to go to the hospital.

Monica used to think that Jeff was a great man; she never knew he was a liar and a scam. According to Williams, he was once married to his sister Ellen Osborne and then, he was known as Greg Ohuku. But after Jeff's fake death, Ellen died mysteriously of heart attack. It was during investigations that Inspector Louise confided in William about his findings. Greg was still alive and he was behind the death of Ellen. After he faked his death, he killed Ellen by planting a mole to poison her food every day. It was a slow poison and its effect was heart attack. After she died, he secretly stole all her money. He then changed his name and went on to marry Monica.

According to Louise, he had married and killed about five rich women. That was the secret of his wealth. Marry the rich, kill them and take all their money. While trailing him, they discovered that she was his next victim; they had to step in. They were hell bent on bringing him to justice but it was going to be difficult because he bribed almost every police officer that was assigned to his case and also, Jeff had connections in higher places. He was almost untouchable. The few policemen who refused taking bribes were threatened by their superiors to take their eyes off the case or be sacked. It was for that reason Louise chose to work secretly with William and Mark on the case. Mark was ex-military; an expert in the field of crime, investigations and combat.

Monica sighed and shook her head, as if to shake something off. The event of the night before and the news of Jeff's deceit was really too much for her to take. She turned to look at her baby. JJ was fast asleep. He woke up in the middle of the night and played with William until morning. He was a good baby who hardly ever cried. All he wanted was to eat, play and sleep. It was about thirty minutes ago she fed him and after bathing him, he instantly fell asleep. She stretched her right hand to him and started to pat his head when William came in through the open room door; hands inside his pocket. He was dressed in a navy blue suit, his hair neatly brushed and his fragrance smelt good. It was the same fragrance he wore when he came to the beach and thinking about it, it was the same fragrance the bush man was wearing when she later saw him in the bush at the beach side. She was sure that William had quickly changed back to being a bush man; probably he did it so as to get back to doing whatever it was he was doing in the bush without being disturbed or detected. Monica couldn't help wondering what Janet will do if she found out that the bush man and William are one and the same person. She smiled lightly at the thought.

"Hi" William greeted.

"Hello" She replied. "Good morning."

"Good morning to you too." He replied; taking two steps further.

Looking at him in broad day light, he was really the same man she saw at the beach, the same man she totally ignored and asked to leave her alone. The thought of it made her bite her lips. She fixed her eyes back on JJ and sighed.

"I owe you an apology" She said.

"Yes you do." He replied. "But that will be when I get back."

"Where are you going?" She asked, not looking up.

"A business meeting at a clearing; not far from here, there are some construction works to be done there and I have to see the parties involved. I will see you when I get back." He turned to leave then but she called after him.

"How's the cut?"

William turned back to her. "It will heal."

"Can I look at it?" She asked, tearing her eyes away from JJ and looking up at dark blue eyes.

"Sure." He said.

William removed his jacket as Monica stood up and came closer. She unbuttoned his long sleeve shirt and pulled it aside. The bandage around his waist had blood stains on it; even though it was a fresh one. Guilt got the better of her. All she had thought about earlier on was how to get rid of the one person who had been looking out for her. How could she? She did not know what to do to remedy the situation and so her eyes remained fixed on the bandage.

"Are you sure you don't  want me to change your bandage?" She asked. "Its soaked already."

"Its fine for now."

Monica moved her hand to touch his side that was cut. William winced at the touch but quickly shoved the pain away when he saw tears running down Monica's cheeks. He placed one finger under her chin and raised her head up to look at him. Her eyes were wet and he began to feel her pain. For once he put himself in her shoes and had a good idea just how sad and confused she was.

"I don't blame you for my wounds or for anything that has happened." He said. You are a victim in all of these and I decided to help. You did not force me to and its not your fault that Jeff chose to be an ass. You have got to free your mind."

"How?" She stiffled a cry.

William could no longer stand her tears so he pulled her to himself and held her in his embrace.
"I don't know how, Monica" He said. "But try, do it for JJ."

"I'll try." She promised, before pulling away and wiping the tears off her face. "What if he gets you when you go out?" She asked.

"He does not know the bush man and I are one. He will look for the bush man, not me."

Monica nodded and went back to sit on the bed. William buttoned up his shirt and tucked it in while studying her mood. "I will speak with Janet." He said at last.

"What will you tell her?" Monica asked.

"That you had to leave the Island early this morning for something very important."

"Okay. Just be careful as you go out.

Monica turned back to JJ and started to smoothen  out his hair. William watched both of them briefly before walking out.

As he walked out of the cave, through the bushes and headed toward the main road, he could not put Monica and JJ out of his mind. He first got to know about Monica when inspector Louise called to tell him that he had found Greg.

"Greg" He spat out the name. "Only God knows the different names he has used in the past. Ellen knew him as Greg while Monica knows him as Jeff."

At first, William did not care about Monica's safety. However,  when he thought about his sister, he vowed to make sure that no one else suffers what she suffered. He told Louise to keep an eye on Monica, they wanted to tread carefully but, they had taken too long and before they realized what was going on, Monica was already married to the jerk and it became too late to get her off.

One year later, news got to him through Louise that Jeff was being buried. Few weeks after the funeral, Monica was on the run because the police had been bribed by her so called late husband to arrest her for murder. It was the only way he could get complete access to her private bank account.

During that period, Greg was on the Island and William caught sight of him. Since then, he had kept close watch. Being a bush man gave him greater advantage because Jeff was a man who did his business with dangerous men in the bush. William got close enough and even eavesdropped on his conversations with some of his employees and other dangerous people. He heard different plots to marry and kill some rich single females in the Island and on several occasions, he was able to disrupt their plans. Working quietly and in disguise, he continued to gather information on his sisters murderer. His sister may be gone but Monica was still alive and so was JJ. Whenever Greg planned to attack, he would be ready to deal with him.

Before William left early that morning, Louise already left in a hurry; saying he had a lead on how to bring the idiot down. One of the wealthy women he had married and killed in the past was the daughter of a senator. No real investigation was done and so they believed that she died a natural death. If Louise got the information he needed, they could get the senator to help. If they succeeded in their quest then Greg's end was indeed near and his police friends would have no choice but to arrest him.


Mark pulled up in front of William when he got to the road side and from there took him to the clearing. William had decided that it was better to always have Mark close by. For that reason, Mark became his personal driver. William looked forward to going back home to Monica after his meeting. He really wanted to protect her. Leaving her at the cave alone was not his definition of protection.

To be continued...


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