The Interview (Chapter Eleven)

The time was 11:45AM. A flushing sound filled the quiet rest room. After which, the tap at the washing hand basin opened. Nkechi washed her hands; using the liquid soap by the side. Within seconds, she was done. She put off the tap and stood erect, looking at her reflection in the mirror just above the wash hand basin. Her white trouser suit was still intact and her hair neat, as it now hung loose over her shoulders. After a series of question and answer session with the audience, the interview finally came to an end at about 11:25AM. Mo thanked Nkechi from the depth of her heart after the wrap up. She never imagined that Nkechi would give so much details regarding her teenage pregnancy issue.

"Phew..." Nkechi shrugged, as a way of shaking off the feeling that had overwhelmed her throughout the narration of her most private life experience. Remembering what it was like, how she felt, and how she almost lost control of her life, she smiled. She smiled because she knew she was no longer that scared Nkechi who thought that having a child meant the end of the world. Well she had the baby, but she had also gone on to succeed greatly in life. All the while, her baby girl was her driving force. She couldn't fail because she had to let her girl know that success was possible, as long as one worked hard to achieve it.

"Oh Ify… Ifeanyuwa... I will forever thank God for blessing me with you." She thought. "I'm just so gla..."

The door opened abruptly, jolting her out of her thoughts. She looked up and saw her joy, Ify, walking toward her with all the grace and grandeur any lady could muster. Nkechi smiled. She loved her daughter but first, she had to ask some question that had been in her mind since the interview started.

"You knew." She said.

"Knew what, mummy?" Ify asked, coming to stand in front of her mother.

Nkechi smiled. She loved to hear her daughter call her that. If she hadn't had her, she would never have known what she lost.

"Mummy!" Ify repeated. “Are you ok?"

"I'm fine. I'm fine dear."

"You seem lost in thought. So, what did you say I knew?" She already knew what her mother was going to say but she kept up with the pretense anyway.

"You knew that if I knew Mo was going to ask about how I had you, I would turn down the interview."

"True." She admitted with a weird grin. One that made her mother laugh.

"So you switched the interview questions before telling me about it." Nkechi continued after recovering from the laugh.

"True again mummy. You are truly a genius"

"Ify, if you wanted more detail on it, you should have just asked. You know I tell you anything."

"I know mummy. But I didn't do it for me. I did it for those girls out there. They needed to be encouraged. You didn't look at the people in the studio room before coming to ease yourself. If you had looked, you wouldn't have seen a dry eye among them. They felt your pain along with theirs, they could totally relate to everything you said. Because of you mummy, a lot of those babies will be born, not aborted. These young girls suddenly have a wish to see their child born and they want to be the best for their children."

Nkechi smiled at her daughter's reasoning and selfless effort to help young teenagers. "I'm glad I could help dear, I'm glad."

"You did more than help mummy. You saved lives and encouraged a lot of people to be better than what they are now. If not for themselves, at least for their babies."

Not been able to hold back her emotions any longer, Nkechi moved forward and gave her daughter a tight, long hug. "I love you so much, Ify."

"I love you too mummy." Nkechi replied, pecking both her mum's cheeks.

After a while, they pulled back from each other's embrace. Ify wiped tears away from her mother's cheeks and used her handkerchief to dry her eyes. "Don't cry mummy. You're going to make me cry too."

"Hahaha..." Nkechi laughed briefly. "I have no intentions to make you cry so don't. I'll stop."

"Good! There are lots of young pregnant girls waiting out there to talk to you. I guess they want to say thank you or ask few other questions of their own."

"Ok. Since you already put me up to it, I will do my best." Nkechi said. She quickly picked up her purse and took her daughter's hand in hers. Together, they started towards the door. "I guess I should just go ahead and open a foundation for pregnant teenagers and young mothers who have no family support. What do you think?"

"You work on that plan mummy. As for me, I'll work on getting you a delicious meal. You'll need to eat well after the long greeting session you are about to have."

"Oh you do that. I'm already starving."

"Sure you are. Its cause you woke up late."

"Oh! You did not just say that." Nkechi growled with pretense anger. Ify laughed it off and so did Nkechi.

As a single mother and a celebrity, Nkechi knew that her challenges in life were far from over. However, she knew she could overcome all of them no matter the form in which they presented themselves. She had the support of a strong family and a loving daughter. For her, it really felt good to have a daughter who also turned out to be her best friend.

The End

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