The Interview (Chapter Five)

It was a very sunny afternoon. The school environment was rowdy and very noisy as students rushed out of their various classes. Some played with each other, some ran to the school garden while the others just hung around the premises. The students were happy to be through with learning for the day.

At the gate, car horns blared as parents and guardians drove in to pick their children and wards. Ice cream sellers stood by the gate too, motioning on parents, students and even teachers to buy their goods.

At the girl's rest room, Bose stood outside, keeping watch while Nkechi changed from her school uniform inside. Soon she was out, looking stunning in her blue knee-level gown. To avoid running into teachers who might ask too many questions, both girls quickly walked out of the school premises. Finding themselves a suitable spot, they relaxed and Bose helped Nkechi loosen her hair. After loosening it, she combed the hair and packed it stylishly for her friend. A touch of lip gloss was applied to her lips and powder to her face.

"So how do I look?" Nkechi asked, while looking into the mirror Bose held up for her.

"You look great my dear." Bose said. "Now its time to let Alex know that you are also a superstar."

"How do you mean?"

"Take him with you to KFC." Bose urged.

"KFC? What I'm I going to do at KFC?" Nkechi asked, with eyes wide open.

"Oh no! Don't tell me you thought about Alex all night and forgot that today is the auditioning for the new movie Pete Edochie is also acting in?"

"Oh my goodness!" Nkechi almost screamed. But she quickly covered her mouth with one hand. "Bose, I totally forgot."

"See what man is doing to you?"

"Oh don't be like that. I totally forgot." Nkechi said, wriggling her hand.

"Well now that you remember, make good use of your time."

"Its not that easy. I still have to meet my mum at the mall.”

"So what are you going to do?"

"Errmmm... Oh God! How do I handle this? I can't just let go of the auditioning, I can't stand Alex up and neither can I disobey my mum's order."

"Ok. What if we do it this way? Meet Alex and take him with you for the auditioning. That way, you two can still spend reasonable time together and he even gets to watch you audition. After the auditioning, say your good byes and rush to meet your mum. She closes late right? After all, the auditioning won't take more than an hour."

"Yes. My mum closes late these days because of the renovation going on in parts of the shop building. Oh Bose, thank you so much for the idea. What will I do without you?"

Nothing of course. Absolutely nothing." The girls laughed together over her reply before going their separate ways.

About 10 minutes later, Nkechi walked into the restaurant looking classy and stunning. Alex almost didn't recognize her. The day before, she looked very simple in her casual outfit and all back weave.

"Wow! You look great." He said almost breathless, as he stood up to hug her.

"Thank you. You're not looking bad either." She said, pulling back from the brief hug.

"Oh!" He said with wide eyes, then looked at himself. "I do look good." She chuckled at his joke and he chuckled too.

"But seriously, you can't have dressed this well just for me. What's the catch?" Alex asked.


"You are coming from school aren't you? I expected to see you in uniform."

"Oh come on! Are you saying you're not worth it? If you're not, just tell me and I'll go away, never to be seen again." Nkechi threatened, playfully.

"Oh come on. I'm saying I'm worth it, only if something else is attached."

"Naughty you. Ok. I have an auditioning today. A movie auditioning."

"Yes! I remember you told me you were into acting. I really admire your focus and determination. You're going to make it big in the future."

"Yes I will. Thank you." Nkechi replied, feeling mighty proud of herself. "So, I was wondering if we could go together. That way we will still have some time to ourselves, instead of outrightly cancelling our meeting. I should have told you about the auditioning yesterday but I totally forgot." She confessed.

"Its ok. I'm still free for another hour so, I will go with you. Besides, I want to see what my lady's acting is like."

The love birds went happily to the movie auditioning. They spent time talking and laughing outside while waiting for Nkechi's turn. Thirty minutes later it was her turn and she performed excellently.

"Welcome on board." The chief panel member said to her. "You've performed very well."

Nkechi was very excited about her new contract. She already knew she would pass the auditioning, however, she wanted to hear from the judges.

Happy with the turn out of the auditioning, Alex put his own activities for the rest of the day aside. He decided instead to give Nkechi a treat. As long as he was concerned, she deserved it.

From then on, Nkechi and Alex went from one park to the other, shopping mall to shopping mall and finally, a club house. There they danced, drank, joked, laughed and played like two people who were really in love. After the club, they went out to eat at a restaurant.

"I have to go now." Nkechi said after  her meal. She looked at her wrist watch and saw that time was far spent. 8:00PM precisely. "It's late already."

"Ok. I will walk you home." Alex offered. "I can't let you walk alone by this time. It's dangerous."

At exactly 45 minutes later, they arrived at Nkechi 's neighbourhood. The street lights illuminated the place, making it possible for the duo to easily find their way.  When they got to the house, the main gate was locked and the compound quiet. Although Nkechi had been cooking up the excuse she was going to tell her parents, she was still scared of what their reaction would be. Before that day, she had never gotten home later than 6:00AM. Silently, she prayed that a few shouts and hisses would be all that happens that night. The young couple said their good nights and for the first time since their hook up, they shared a passionate kiss. Nkechi moaned softly as a flicker of sensual delight ignited every nerve in her body, until every inch of her was aching to be touched. No one had ever made her feel the way Alex was making her feel, and her arms slid up to encircle the strong column of his neck. She twined her fingers in the thick afro hair on his nape. As his tongue explored the sweet softness of her lips, then slipped inside the opening of her mouth, his invasion aroused desires in her. Desires she had never thought existed.

With innocent, reckless fervor, she pressed herself closer, finding her satisfaction in his kisses and in the powerful arms caressing the length of her back.

"Nkechi! Hey! What is this?" A familiar voice interrupted them. Shocked at being discovered, the duo quickly pulled away from each other. Nkechi turned to see her mother, Mrs. Okoji, and her elder sister looking at them with both anger and disappointment.

"So this was the library you went to? The same library that has kept you out all day?" Her mother queried.

"No mummy. Please let me explain."

"Shut up! Just shut up! You've been lying to everyone." Her sister accused. "How could you? Do you know what the time is? Everyone has been worried about your where about. Daddy is right now at the police station reporting you missing. Mummy and I have been all over the place looking for you. We went to Bose's house and she confessed everything to us." Not been able to control her anger, she moved to strike Nkechi but Alex quickly moved in-between and got struck instead.

"Please ma, its not..."

"Shut up!" Mrs. Okoji yelled at Alex for trying to protect her daughter. "How dare you, young man? What intentions do you really have toward my daughter? And at such a young age?"

"Ma, I promise I..." He was interrupted by another hard slap across his cheeks. This time, it was from her mother.

"You better get out of here before I slap you again." Mrs. Okoji threatened. "And you better move fast before my husband gets here. Else, you will spend the next one week cooling off in a police cell." Alex gently but secretly squeezed Nkechi’s hand before turning to leave.

"And don't ever come here again or bother to look for my sister anymore" Nkechi's elder sister yelled at his retreating back. Turning to Nkechi, she grabbed her by the arm and pulled her toward the gate roughly.

"Gently sister! Please. You are hurting me."

"You should have thought about that before you did what you did." Her mother said, encouraging her eldest daughter's action.

To be continued...

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