The Interview (Chapter One)

The sky above the magnificent mansion was a clear blue, having only few patches of white clouds. The surrounding trees were filled with birds chirping in their nests, even as the young ones snuggled up to their mothers for warmth.

Within the premises of the mansion, workers went about their duties. While some washed the cars, some swept and others trimmed the flowers and grasses.

At the top, east corner of the mansion, the rays of the morning sun reflected brightly off the window pane. Thick, dark brown drapes shielded the room from the sunlight outside.

Inside, the ceiling fan kept the air moving in the dimly-lit room, as shadows played over the white blanket covering the slim figure lying on the bed. Her skin was a light chocolate brown. Her lips were full, eyelashes laid peacefully over her lower eyelids and her hair was a scattered mass. There on the wide, comfortable water bed, she slept peacefully, determined to have all the rest she could get.

The door to the far left side of the room, squeaked sharply as it opened to admit a young woman in her early twenties, a little lighter in complexion than the older woman on the bed. Being over 5ft tall and slimly built, her hair dropped loose over her shoulders. Her yellow, long sleeved off-the-shoulder blouse and figure-hugging jeans trousers painted the picture of a woman of poise as she gracefully made her way to the foot of the bed.

She had woken up very early that morning so as to supervise the cleaning of the house and still get ready in time for the morning's outing. Although she was mighty proud of her bloodline, being the daughter of a celebrity was no child's play. There was always an interview to be done, a movie to be acted out, promoted and premiered. There were also shows to attend as well as dinner parties. That aside they were stalked around by camera men, journalists and news reporters. Privacy was something they didn't have much of. The media was always spreading one true or one false story about them. Well, who cared? She thought at one time. Her mother's name opened doors for her. It made people rush forward to offer their services, free of charge. Her family was overly comfortable and lacked absolutely nothing. But then, she was a hard working lady too. Taking after her mother, she already carved out a niche for herself. She didn't totally bank on her mother's wealth. She wanted hers and was determined to have it so.

A week ago they had received an interview request from the popular TV host, Mo Abudu. The interview was for her mother but she re-constructed the letter, knowing that her mother would refuse if she knew exactly what it was really about. Because of that, as well as the importance of the interview, she made it a point of duty to ensure her mother accepted.

So there she was, at the foot of the bed, looking down at the sleeping figure of her mother. She shook her head in disbelief; a frown of mild frustration creasing her brows.

"Ok mummy," She said, clapping both her hands. "Rise and shine. It's time to wake up."

"Oh" Nkechi mumbled as she stirred on the bed. What could her daughter really want now? She thought.

Knowing that it would take more than a clap to get her mother up, the young lady, very confident of her ways, walked over to the window and without hesitation, pulled the drapes aside. The rays of the golden sun flooded in. Its glow brought warmth and its light illuminated the room.

"Oh close that curtain, Ify." Nkechi ordered, her eyes still closed and a mild frown creasing her brows too.

"Its long past day break mummy. Time to get up." Ify insisted.

Her mother didn't bulge. Her daughter could scream her intestines out if she liked, that was her own business. Ify on the other hand refused to give up. She did everything possible to get her mother to respond. Sure that sleep wasn't going to come her way again, Nkechi reluctantly sat up. She stretched, yawned and rubbed her sleepy eyes with the back of her palm "I really need some more rest, Ify. Why can't you just understand?"

"Understand?" Ify asked, with a disconcerting quirk.

"Yes! I thought I had a daughter who cared, not a time keeper." Her mother raved. She was just too tired after the party they had the night before.

"Well you have both, Mummy. Do you even know what time it is?"

"What is the time?" She asked, carelessly.

"It is 20 minutes past nine!" Theo said, pouting.

"Ok, twenty minutes past... twenty minutes past..." She yawned again, still trying to understand what she was saying. Suddenly it clicked and her voice trailed off, temporarily. Then she frowned, her eyes gradually widening in shock horror. "Wait, it is what? It's what?" She almost screamed the question. Her eyes were clearer and she had become wide awake.

"It's now twenty two minutes past nine" Ify replied with an expression that said, oh mummy, we're going to be so late.

"Oh my goodness!" Nkechi said as she threw off her blanket and got out of bed.

Within minutes, she freshened up and got dressed in a white, trouser suit and blue inner that Ify had bought her two days back. While her feet were covered in white, block-heeled shoes, a simple necklace with earrings to match graced her neck and ears.

"I will buy you something to eat later." Ify said as they hurried out of the house, to the parking lot. "For now we have to hurry. Unless we want Mo to scrap off the interview."

"No way! We can't let that happen. The media is going to talk about it for months and I won't be at peace. You know how those people are? They will gladly use anything to ruin my day." Nkechi said as she got into the back seat of the black, Infinite x35 jeep. Her P.A, tall and slender Mr. Adebayo, sat next to her so they could rehearse the interview questions and answers together. Ify took the front passenger seat while the driver took the wheels.

"VLA house at Victoria Island." Ify said to the driver as she buckled her seat belt.

Within seconds, the wheels of the jeep rolled out of the exotic mansion and moved fast toward the location of Ebonylife Television. They soon arrived at their destination and the driver parked the car at the parking lot. Nkechi got down with her PA and daughter. She looked at the time and sighed in relief.

"Thank God! It's just 10:25. I still have 5 minutes more."

The trio hurried into the building and the receptionist, a plump lady in her mid-thirties and about 5ft plus, willingly led them into the studio where Mo was already very worried about Nkechi absence.

"What happened?" She asked as they embraced each other.

"I'm so sorry Mo, I over slept. I was really exhausted after the dinner party last night. But I'm here now and just in time too."

"I'm glad." Mo sighed in relief and chuckled afterwards. "I was beginning to wonder what to tell the viewers. I'm so glad you made it. Ok. So, we are up in a 5 minutes. You think you're ready?"

"Yes I am." Nkechi smiled, confidently.

To be continued...