Your Ex-Girl Friend/Boy Friend May Have Cursed You.

A friend and I had a heart to heart convo sometime last week. We discussed different topics and finally came to rest on relationships.

We talked about how a five years old relationship ended because the guy said he had nothing in common with the girl. Bla bla bla....

You have nothing in common yet you kept her for five years. You made her feel she was special to you. She chased away other suitors and stuck with you like glue. But in the end, you dumped her like trash.

And why should it take a guy five years to know if he likes a girl or not?

Na wa o!

The discussion brought to mind a story a very good friend shared with me. A man she used to love misbehaved. He treated her badly and walked away. Guess what? With all the pain she felt in her heart, she spoke words; words that seemed like nothing when they were said.

He moved on; found another girl and got married to her. Years passed; his wife could not conceive. They went from one hospital to the other. Doctors ran tests and the results showed that nothing was wrong with either of them.

The man, after a long while, remembered the words of his ex girlfriend. Then she was getting set to graduate from school. He searched for her. He found her. Lo and behold, his once funky girl friend had become a full time christian. Her every breath was and still is for christ. He was truly surprised. She was equally surprised to see him. There was no grudge, no resentment of any kind; just pure surprise.

They relaxed at a restaurant, catching up on lost times. It was then the man opened up about his real reason for the visit. His wife could not conceive and it was beginning to cause problems; especially with extended family members.

You see, my friend had totally forgotten that she cursed him the day he abandoned her. She didn't even remember until that moment. Being a christian who lives by example, she quickly took back the curse; reversing what she had said in the past.

They soon parted ways. Two months later, the man called to say his wife had conceived; something they had been trying to do for yeaeeaarrs.

Now that is the power of the spoken word.

I also heard from another friend who was beaten by her husband while she was pregnant with their last child. The woman was deeply hurt by his action; especially since it was the first time he raised his hands against her. He was mad at her for insulting him all because he complained about the food she cooked.

On her part, she told him she felt terrible and because of that, couldn't concentrate on cooking the food well. He continued to complain and in turn, she insulted him. She insulted the hell out of him. Lol. The result was the beating she received.

Hurt by the fact that he beat her, especially with her pregnancy, she swore.

"When you go out, you will have an accident and you will die."

Wow! That was extreme though. Very, very extreme.

Let's continue our story.

The next morning, her husband went to work. Right from the moment he stepped foot out of the compound till he came home at night, he experienced one strange event after the other; all pointing at trying to take his life. He ran into soldiers who shot at him (something he had never experienced before). Fortunately, the bullet narrowly missed him. Before the end of the day, he had an accident. His car, for no reason, ran off the road into a big ditch. Lucky for him, he escaped through the window just before collision. If he had remained inside, he would have died.

When he got home, he told his wife all what he experienced. She simply reminded him of their quarrel the day before and the words she spoke.

To cut long story short, she reversed every evil thing she said; thereby freeing her husband from the curse.

These things happen. They do. Especially if the person placing the curse is really hurt; its common among women. Though I've never heard it happen with a man but I believe it does too. We all have the power of the spoken word. Whatever we say with it determines what will happen to us or the people around us.

Also, if an elderly lady raises her breasts up to the heavens to pray for you, guy/girl, you're made for life. But if she uses it to curse you, haba! I would see your shoes and run away o. I won't even try to imagine being in it.

Its one of the reason why I was so not happy about that careless woman calling her son, her own flesh and blood, an ungrateful beast.

So please, mind how you hurt that man or woman. Who knows, they just might say something you won't like/want.

A word is enough for the wise. Happy new week everyone