I Opened My Husband's Text Message; You won't Believe What it read.

I had just come out from a successful business meeting with Image Creation - a movie production company. My husband,  Felix, was with me. We whispered to each other, obviously happy that we had made new partners and could therefore go ahead with a new plan to help our company move forward. It had not been easy getting to were we were. My husband had been of great support. We met at the time the business was just starting out. He saw the potentials of growth and had been supportive since then.

A year later, we got married. The honeymoon was far more than fantastic in all aspects - sight seeing, visiting the cinema, shopping and love making. He handled me with genuine love, not just the need to hit a spot and run off.

As we walked out of Image Creation, I heard my name.

"Bridget, Bridget!"

I recognized the voice so I turned around. There he stood, hands in pocket. He was in bad shape, like he hadn't eaten for days. Maybe he was sick, who knows? But his eyes were remorseful. I had never seen him look like that. All the years we were together, he was always bold, sure of everything, never remorseful for a wrong act. He always found a way to turn the tables on me whenever I pointed out issues with the way he treated me. Five years. For five good years I stayed in a relationship with a man who didn't love me. And I wondered why I couldn't see the writings on the wall.

"Hello, Charles. I didn't know you work here?" I responded.

"I don't. I just came to see you." He said "I heard from a reliable source that you'll be here."

"What can I do for you?" I asked without the slightest emotion in my voice.

"I want us to talk, please."

"And what are we talking about? I'm a married woman, Charles. I can't be talking to my ex. It's disrespectful to my husband, especially in his presence."

"I'm not going to take long. I just want to apologize for everything."

"Isn't that too late?"

"No. I know you're married but, please, I need you in my life again. I just can't survive without you."

"You're a mad man!" Felix yelled and made to move on him but I held him back, pleading. "He has guts, coming to talk to you in my presence." Felix boiled.

"I know. Let me handle this, please."

Without waiting for approval, I turned around to face my so called ex. I frown at him, feeling really disgusted. "How dare you even approach me concerning such matters? And in my husband's presence? If you're feeling so bad, you should have thought about what I meant to you before splitting up with me, all because of a good for nothing whore. So what are you saying? I should leave my husband? A man who has been fateful and nice, to be with you? I should leave a man who believed in my dreams? A dream you told me was useless? You want me to leave a man who stood for me when I had no job? As I recall, you threatened me. No job, no progress in our five years futile relationship. Or is it when you told me you hate my sleep-wake up face? Or when you complained that I was asking too much of your time? How could you say so? Considering the fact that we were in a long distance relationship. We saw each other once, at most, twice a year. You never even spent time with me whenever we met. You just rushed off. I blamed myself for not seeing that you were only wasting your time, not mine. Now I have a caring man; one who's love matches mine. He is my day and night. My sun, my moon, my air, my rain, my food, my clothes. He is my world, and want me to leave him for you? Certainly your nuts have loosened. They need to be screwed tight. Nonsense! Meetcheww."

I stormed off to the car, leaving my husband behind to finish him off, if he still felt like. Through the rear view mirror, I watched my husband talking to the pig head. Whatever he said was not pleasant, I could tell.

One hour later, we got home. Felix went into the bathroom to shower. While there, a text message entered hie phone. Since we usually check each other's text and answer each other's calls, I opened the text. It read:

"Well, I tested her as you asked. She passed. Now I want my money."

Please o, if you were in my shoes, what will you do?


  1. I would ignore the text at first and look for indirect ways to ask him about it. If he lies, then ill confront him about my findings. You can also check out my blog. Its new and i also write. www.teenahslounge.blogspot.com


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