Murder At Midnight. (Prologue)

The silence was disturbed as a couple, both roped in intimate passion, lips on lips and hands all over each other, barged into the room, leaving the door wide open. They made out little time to put on the ceiling fan and light before peeling off each other’s clothes and jumping on the bed.

“Oh, Ah, Ah, Ohhhh!” loud moans filled the room, as both moved to pleasure each other.

The rotating blades of the ceiling fan displayed moving shadows on the two figures; one behind the other. His jerking increased, so did their moans as they ascended the height of intimate pleasure.

“Oh baby, I’m coming.” He said amidst moans and quick jerking. “Arrhhh!” An explosion of fulfilled pleasure coursed through him. His seed shot into the nylon walls of his rubber covering. He fell on her, panting. Gradually, he rolled off to the side.

“Oh baby, that was awesome. Wow! I wonder why we hadn’t found each other sooner. We just keep having it good.” He got no response. Her silence worried him. Didn’t she enjoy it as much as he did? He wondered. He turned to look at her. She still lay face down; her head facing the opposite direction. “Baby?” He moved closer and turned her to face him. Her eyes were cold, staring into nothingness.

He pulled closer “Baby? Baby please talk to me.” He tapped her cheeks several times, his breathing came fast. “Baby?” He listened for her heart beat. Nothing. He touched one side of her neck and hand for a pulse. Still nothing. “Baby please wake up!” his heart beat tripled and fear completely took over.

He sat up and tried to pull her up. His hands touched something wet and thick. It was blood, oozing out from a round hole at the other side of her neck.

“No! No! No, no, no… how? This can’t be.” Still in a state of panick, he jumped off the bed and hurriedly got dressed. He looked at the body of his partner one last time before running out of the room. He scurried down the stairs, into the sitting room and out of the house, slamming the door shut behind him.

Out in the cold night, beneath the crescent moon, he ran. Birds whistled, Owls made hooting sounds on nearby trees and crickets sang. All oblivious of a pair of eyes that watched silently in the shadows.

To be continued on Monday.