Valentine Special; First Kiss - Share Your Experience.

I was 25, he was 31. We grew up together, almost like cousins. I had just finished my Nysc, he was preparing for his. He was someone I told everything. I mean, EVERYTHING. I hid nothing from him.

At that time, we were still considering the possibility of a relationship. I liked him, he liked me (I'm not so sure about that now). Lol.

One afternoon, I paid him a visit. No one else was home, just us. He welcomed me, we played, watched some cartoons(I love cartoons, he had no choice), soon afterwards, we were hungry.

"Let's manage noodles." He said. I agreed.

He gave me some money to buy two packs of noodles from a kiosk along the street. I was already descending the stairs when his voice came from above, "Please don't buy Chicki Chicki, buy indomie."

"Ok" I replied and went on my way.

I got out of the compound and into a not so busy street. The watchful eyes of the blazing sun never left me. It burned into my flesh and caused my shadow to be more pronounced on the dry, dusty earth. I got to a kiosk, bought the noodles and went back to the house.

When I got in, he was arranging his room. I went straight to the kitchen, dropped the items on the table and went back to the dining. I took a bottle of malt out of the refrigerator and sat to drink.

"You're back." He said, coming out of the room.

"Yes." I replied, non-chalant. "But I didn't get indomie to buy, only Chicki Chicki."

"Ohhhh!!!" He cried, "Chicki spice tastes terrible to me. I don't like it."

I ignored his outbursts, he went to the kitchen.

"Chai!" I heard after a while, "You bought indomie and you're lying."

"Where is the fun in surprise if I tell you what's up already?"

"No fun." He replied, coming up behind me. "Nice surprise."

I raised my head from my drink and turned back to look at him. "See? I'm still good at..." that all I said. He brought his lips down on mine. A quick, but wet kiss was what transpired.  That, was my first kiss. Very unexpected.

Please share your experience, let the fun continue...