He Said He Can Never Marry An African Woman

So yesterday afternoon, I was searching for pictures online. I needed them for a book thriller. While I was at it, I stumbled on a dating website where an african girl was asking if any white guy was interested in dating her. She went further to explain that she is attracted to only white men. Some people replied, but they were sort of preaching to her. Lol. Trust Africans. Well, one white guy replied. And his reply really got me thinking. He wrote that he can never date/marry a black woman for the following reasons.
Black women are
1. Very loud
2. Confrontational
3. Demanding
4. Money conscious
5. Lack good attitude.

Before the above listed, he wrote that he had been married and divorced four times but still, he can never marry/date a black woman.
Interesting. The things he complained of in black women are not limited to black women alone. Yes, there are few black women with the above issues. There are also women of other races with such issues. That aside, since women of other races are better, why has he married and divorced four times? A lot of African women are still in their homes, doing everything it takes to keep their family together.
Women differ. Their attitude depends on the home training they got from parents, siblings and relations. There is also the influence of friends and the society at large. This affects the men too. I get really irritated when I see posts bashing Africa women. Even our men bash our women. They forget that there are strong, beautiful, intelligent, level headed, independent black women who also know how to love, how to keep their homes and who are very supportive wives.
As for the white man, I wish him luck with many more marriages ahead. If he couldn't be happy with his first and second wife, he can't be happy with any woman in the world.

My dear readers, what do you think? Please, share your thoughts. Let's see things from your own perspective.