Murder At Midnight (Chapter Five)

The rest of the journey was quiet and lonely, save for occasional eye contact between Fegor and Chigozie. It was clear they were both deep in thoughts, each worried about the other.

After About 30 minutes drive, the van pulled up in front of a gate that protected a compound housing two duplex on each side and a mansion in the middle. Two guards came out to inspect the van and it's occupants.

"Victor, na me na!" the driver said, impatiently. Obviously he was annoyed by the guards' slow pace.

"Oh! Osas. Una don come?" One of the men asked. Without waiting for a reply, he turned back and pulled the heavy gate apart. The van drove through and came to a halt at the parking lot. The male among them got down and with Ogechi's assistance, pulled Fegor and Chigozie out of the van. All down, the van driver joined them and together, they dragged both ladies towards the duplex at the right. With a simple turning of the knob, the entrance door open, admitting them in.

The large sitting room was scantily furnished with Four plastic chairs, a long wooden table, a wall Clock and curtains. The fluorescent light reflected on the neat tiles, thereby giving the room an extra glow. The walls were rid of all pictures. In its place were occultic drawings and writings. Without warning, Chigozie was forcefully placed on one chair and tied to it. Her struggles didn't help Issues, it only succeeded in earning her hot slaps from the impatient van driver. Fegor was taken to one of the empty spare rooms and thrown in. She crashed on a wooden chair and fell with it. The plastic handle jabbed at her side, causing her to cry out in severe pains. Without a word, both the men and Ogechi walked out, locking the room door and then the main door behind them.

Left alone in the sitting room, Chigozie tried to work her binds. Unfortunately, they were too tight. The attempt to loosen them only caused the binds to bite into her flesh, thereby cutting her. The once white rope became stained with red patches. Already feeling so much pain in her wrist, she stopped trying and sat back.

"I curse the day I met you, Emeka." She said amidst tears. "I curse it from the depth of my heart. You've brought nothing but pain to me."

It was while in tears she made up her mind never to fear Emeka again. If she ever got out alive, she was going to do everything to bring him down. Efeke won't be spared either.


Thirty minutes later, the door opened. Emeka stepped in with Mr. Efeke and the two men that brought the ladies in. Ogechi was probably somewhere drinking or ontop a man, hence she wasn't with them

"Is she the one?" Mr. Efeke asked, coming to stand directly in front Of Chigozie. Her eyes and cheeks were still wet with her tears. Despite that, she kept a bold front. If this was finally her death, she would die without begging. She wouldn't give Emeka or his silly boss the satisfaction they wanted.

"No." Emeka replied, "She's my stubborn wife." Chigozie's brows shot up in reaction to his reply.

"I see." Mr. Efeke smiled wearily. "She has been giving you so much trouble. That's why I always advise you all to stay away from women. See what my wife almost cost me. Now here is yours." He paused and observed Chigozie briefly. "You want her dead or alive?"


"So be it then. I can see you still love her. Where's the other one?" He took his eyes off Chigozie.

"Leave her alone!" Chigozie finally spoke.

"It's not your place to demand anything." Efeke glowed. "Be rest assured that I'm only sparing you because of Emeka. He has been my long time faithful worker and he deserves to have whatever he asks for."

"I don't care who or what he is to you. If anyone is going to die here tonight, let it be me. Just leave my friend alone."

"Be careful what you wish for, sweet heart." Emeka warned, his expression dangerous. "Wishes do come true."

"Then let it come true. Leave her alone and face me."

Ignoring her continued plea, the driver led the men to the other room. He switched on the light to reveal Fegor, sitting up against the wall. She eyed them openly as they stepped in.

"There she is." Emeka said. "The one who wouldn't mind her own business."

His tone was dangerous, but Fegor wasn't scared. If anything, she was determined to let them know she didn't fear them. Quietly, from her corner, she observed her grim faced visitors. She remembered hearing Ogechi say something about Emeka giving orders concerning Chigozie. So definitely, Emeka was in league with whoever their boss was. She had always thought of him as Chigozie's rude boyfriend who had a way of constantly making the poor girl sad or pissed off. She was right, although she was yet to understand the mystery behind their swarthy relationship.

"So, you're the inquisitive young lady?" Efeke asked, disrupting her line of thought.

"And who are you?" She asked, unafraid.

"The man whose business you've been poking your bloody nose into."

"Oh!" Her forehead creased. Swiftly, she got to her feet. "If you're who I'm thinking you are, sir, then believe me,  you've just met your worst nightmare. That's all you need to know."

"Hahahahaha..." Efeke roared with Laughter. Emeka saw nothing funny, but he smiled, wearily. His boss hardly laughed at anything, why this? Well, he was soon to know.

"I love women with guts." Efeke said "Real guts. Women who are bold in the face of danger. Not that silly one in the sitting room, whining." He took steps towards her. "How would you like to be my entertainment for tonight. I love your type. I can't kill you until I've had you. Until I've tapped into your destiny. Only then will I be glad to sacrifice you on my altar."

"Sacrifice?" Fegor scoffed. "Don't bother, it's not going to happen."

"For a woman, you have too much guts. But, we shall see about that." He took long strides, covering the short distance between himself and Fegor. Swiftly, he grabbed a hand full of her braids and forced her head up to look at him so that her lips was just below his. He smiled viciously before bringing his lips down on hers. It was a rough kiss that inflicted injuries and pain to her lips. She could taste her own blood. Efeke didn't seem bothered about licking her bloody lips. After all, it was part of the ritual process. He never spared bold women. He always tapped into their destiny through rituals and Fegor's wasn't going to be any different.

While Efeke had his way, Fegor reached into her inner pocket. Luckily, when Ogechi took away her phones and the documents she got from Terry earlier, she didn't realize there was a pocket knife hidden in the inner pocket of Fegor's pants. Now was her opportunity to use it.

Still bearing Efeke's brutal assault, Fegor pulled out the knife, swiped it open and from a set position, plunged it into his heart. Efeke gasped, making muffled sounds, but she didn't give him the chance to cry out. She battled to keep their lips locked together as she cut him, dragging the knife from his heart area, down to his belly. Emeka and the other men frowned, they didn't understand the struggle between the duo but they were sure Fegor was no match for their boss. Not wanting to interfere in their boss' ritual process, they remained in their position. It wasn't until Efeke was able to pull himself away and land a death blow to Fegor's face that they understood all wasn't well. The blow sent her crashing against the wall. He turned, holding his heart and stomach. Alarmed at the sight of blood flowing out without reserve, Emeka rushed to hold him.

"What have you done?" He yelled at Fegor. But she wasn't moving. The blow must have done something to her. Turning to the other men for assistance, they carry Mr. Efeke out of the room. In their hurry to get him to his hospital, where there were good facilities to cater for him, they forgot to lock the room door.

Fegor opened her eyes and struggled to her feet after they had been gone for 15minutes. Her head ached badly but she was grateful. She had pretended to faint due to the effect of the blow. It was the only way to not have the men pour their wrath on her. Having dealt with men like Efeke and Emeka in the past, she knew what she did would have earned her an instant bullet in the head. But they would come back for her, she knew. Then they'd do whatever they liked to her before killing her. Glad that She didn't hear the door lock, she headed for it, twisted the knob and gently pulled it open. In the large sitting room, Chigozie was wide eyed as she looked up at Fegor. She had been wondering what happened in there and if her friend was still alive. Now seeing blood all over her friend's clothes scared her even more.

"Fegor, oh God! Fegor. What did they do to you?" her heart beat tripled.

"The right question is, what did I do to them? No time for talk, Chigozie. When we get to safety, you will have a lot of talking to do."

Not wasting another minute, she started to cut  Chigozie's binds. Her hands worked fast as she mentally mapped out her next line of action.

To be continued ...