Murder At Midnight. (Chapter Four)

The little light bulb in the van revealed strong ropes tied around Chigozie's hands and legs. Her countenance revealed her worries and discomfort as she stared at Fegor from the opposite end where she sat. Ogechi sat at her right, smirking and at her left, an unfamiliar male sat, his expression, grim.

"I can explain." She said in low tones.

"No, she can't." Ogechi countered.

"Stay off my business." Chigozie frowned at her.

"Sorry dear, I can't. Emeka gave specific instructions and I'm not about to disobey them."

"What's happening?  What's the meaning of all these? And which Emeka is she talking about? Fegor asked, trying to get to her feet.

Ogechi noticed her attempts and pushed her back down. In turn, Chigozie, ignoring her tied hands, pushed her off Fegor. "Say whatever you want, but don't you dare lay your filty hands on my friend."

"What exactly is going on? Chigozie, what is going on?" Fegor asked, sitting up.

"You assured us you won't investigate Maureen's death." Chigozie said, turning to face her. "You should have just stayed away. You should ha..."

"I'll summarise." Ogechi cut in, "Stop asking questions. Stop interrogating people. The dead girl is none of your business. You think we don't know what you did at the hotel?"

"You're asking dangerous questions." Chigozie said, ignoring Ogechi's outburst. "Just let it go, please."

"It's not that easy now." Ogechi smirked "Welcome to the team or, farewell to life."

Fegor looked at the receptionist briefly before turning to back to Chigozie. "What does she mean?"

"It means the boss wants to see you. Things just got more ugly, you know." Ogechi replied.

"You have a lot of explaining to do." Fegor shot at her friend. "I want to know exactly what's going on, and why you're with these people."

"Yes, but not now."

Ogechi laughed at both of them. Chigozie ignored her. She was really an annoying sort. What bothered her more was Fegor's safety. She was so neck deep into Emeka's games, she was now witnessing the kidnapping of her own friend. If only she had opened up earlier. If only she had told Fegor what Emeka was putting her through. If only she had confessed the truth, she was sure Fegor would had found a way to free her. Unfortunately, it was not so.

Earlier at their lunch, Emeka had made it clear that he needed her to do two more jobs before letting her off the hook, but then, a call came in. It was Ogechi, reporting an incident at Royalty Hotel. Chigozie didn't care about the call. In fact, she was happy for the intrusion so she could be done with him. Unfortunately, Emeka Demanded that they both go to the hotel.

On getting there, Ogechi described Fegor and told them she had come to make inquiries and aside that, had locked up a customer in the bathroom, interrogated him and then stolen from him.

"You're lying!" Chigozie attacked her. "My friend is innocent. She's not pursuing this case."

"indeed." Ogechi sneered.

"What information was she looking for?" Emeka asked, ignoring their girlie behaviours.

"From Me, she wanted to see the CCTV footages of Maureen. From the guy she attacked, he said she wanted to know who killed Maureen. Apparently she saw him with her in some of the footages."

"Is he still in the hotel?"


"Take me to him. Introduce me as a police detective. I want to know what really happened"

Ogechi did as commanded. She took both Emeka and Chigozie to Terry's room. They knocked, he opened. Ogechi introduced Emeka as a police detective and Chigozie as his assistant, only then did he let them in. He was already packing his things. His friends  were doing same. They didn't want to remain in the hotel anymore due to security issues.

"You're leaving so soon." Emeka said, hands in pocket.

"I have to, detective. This hotel has no security."

"Ok. I understand your concerns. But please, I'll need you to answer some questions."

"Ok. But hope you don't mind me answering as I pack?"

"No, it's not a problem."

"Ok. So I'm yours."

"This girl that harrassed you, have you seen her anywhere before?"

"No. I've never seen her in my life, not until the Late hours of the morning."

"Ok. So what did she want?"

"She wanted to know if I knew a client of mine and also,  if I killed her."

"Did you kill her?"

"No!" Terry threw up his hands in frustration. "I'm A lawyer, not a murderer. Why should I be suspected of killing my client?"

"It's ok Mr. Terry. Please calm down, I believe you." Emeka urged him. He had to ask the question so as to pass as a real detective. Unfortunately, the lawyer didn't seem to be taking it well. "Just please tell us, what is this client's name?" He continued.

"Maureen Efeke, late wife of my old friend."

Emeka spent time questioning him. After he had gotten all the information he needed, they thanked him for his cooperation and walked out. Outside, he secretly placed a call to his gang. "Get yourselves ready and be at the Junction in the Next 10 minutes. Time is everything right now." He instructed the gang.

"Why? What are you planning?" Chigozie asked, sensing a trap.

"I know the man." Emeka replied. "Terry. He used to be my boss' best friend. Then He turned on him with his wife and together, planned to take away 50% of his wealth through divorce. I've been looking for him. I guess today is my lucky day. Talk about killing two birds with a stone."

"So you're going to go what now, kill him too?"

"No. Mr. Efeke will decide his fate."

Although Chigozie didn't like the idea, nothing she said could change Emeka's mind, especially with Ogechi heating up the issue and egging him on.

Thirty minutes later, the gang laid an ambush. As Terry and his friends approached the junction, they were attacked. Terry was kidnapped, leaving the others with wounds. Like that wasn't enough, Emeka demanded that Chigozie went after Fegor.

"I won't." She told him. "You had better carry out your threat of killing me because I won't do it. Leave my friend out of this."

Emeka frowned and was really going to hit her. But just as He raised his hand in preparation for a slap, Ogechi intervened. "Don't let her ruin your day, Emmy. I'm meeting with her so called friend early this evening. All I need is a van and three men. I'll bring her to base."

"Don't You dare!" Chigozie threatened.

"I dare!" Ogechi challenged

And that was it. That was how they got to where they were. She knew that Fegor wouldn't forgive her, at least, not so easily.

To be continued...