Murder At Midnight (Chapter Two)

Under the blazing sun whose gaze no one seemed to escape, Fegor walked casually along the busy side walks at ringroad. Bag over shoulder, ear piece in ear. The folds at her temple was enough sign she was worried and also in deep thoughts. All wasn't well. It was the first time a person she spied on died and she couldn't help but wonder what went wrong.

The evening before, she had trailed the diseased lady from her Office, Heritage bank, all the way home, then to the night club where she picked up her lover for the night. She was healthy and full of life, dancing and drinking. Fegor, Chigozie and Zino sat at a distance, stylishly taking snap shots and video recordings. They had ample evidence for the DPO. However, on their way out of the club, Fegor noticed the smooching activity between the diseased and a random man she had picked. Young, tall, wearing tight fitting shirt that revealed well built muscles. She knew what would follow next.

"Stay on her." She instructed Chigozie and Zino. Capture every implicating activity.

"Where are you going?" Zino asked

I need to print out what we have so far. First thing tomorrow, I'll get them to the DPO. We truly need that money.

Before trailing the lady, she had gone through the details the DPO earlier gave to her. The late lady's name was Maureen Idehen. She worked as a cashier are Heritage bank. That was all Fegor knew about her. However, with the new development, she had to know more. She had to find out more.

At Airport road junction, Fegor chattered a taxi straight to Ihama. Within 45 minutes, they arrived, hold up and all other unforseen circumstances being responsible. She paid off the cab driver an headed into Royalty Hotel.

"Good afternoon." She greeted the receptionist.

"Good afternoon" the grumpy looking lady, Ogechi by name, responded. "What can I do for you?"

"Please I need help. A lady came to your club last night. She left with a male friend... "

"A lady and a man? Hear yourself. Countless men and women visit here on a daily bases. How I'm I supposed to know who you are looking for?"

"Madam, we're not quarrelling. I only want some information."

"Anyway, we don't give out information about our customers. You'll need to find another way."

"What other way is there?"

"You know na. Do wetin you know say you suppose do." She egged her on.

Dipping one hand into her pocket, Fegor squeezed out a bundle of five hundred naira notes. She handed everything over without counting.

"Follow me" Ogechi said, after counting the money and being satisfied with the amount. Fegor followed her. Soon they arrived at a small room. A young man, about 25 years old, dark, lanky, sat at one end, monitoring the screens.

"Yes?" He asked, temporarily distracted.

"She wants to see a last night clip from the club." Ogechi explained, holding out a few five hundred naira notes to him.

"Sure," He agreed, took the money and walked out, leaving them to do as they pleased. "Only thirty minutes o! Before oga come and catch me parabulating.

"Ok." She replied before turning to Fegor. "Your time is counting already."

"I understand."

Ogechi left and Fegor settled in. She spent an hour going through CCTV footages from the hotel, one after the other. In some footages, the diseased was caught walking into the clubl with different men. In the last footage, she arrived alone but left with the man who had caught her fancy for the night.

"Great! What were you? A call girl? Prostitute? Runs girl? What were you doing with these men?" Fegor asked no one in particular.

Going through the footages one last time, she used her phone to take snapshots of all the men that had accompanied the diseased to the club. As soon as she finished and stepped out of the room, Ogechi met her at the door.

"I was just about to tell you it's time up." She said.

"I paid. You're not supposed to bother me." Fegor protested.

"Everybody has a time. Besides, our boss is around. I don't want to loose my job."

"Ok. I understand."

"Good. So please, be on your way."

"Can we meet later today?" Fegor asked, ignoring what she had said.

With shot up brows, the receptionist asked, "Are you asking me out? On a date?"

"No." Fegor smiled, wearily. "You're not that attractive and I'm no lesbo."

"Good. I don't do women either. I'll be off by 6 o,clock, where do you want to meet?"

"Mr. Bigs. Sapele road."

"Will you  pay for my fare and whatever info I give?"

Fegor observed her briefly, her brows coming together. "How do you know I want information?"

"Because people like you come here almost everyday. You all operate the same way." Ogechi smirked.

"I guess we do." Fegor agreed, thoughtfully. "6:30pm then. Mr. Bigs. Don't be late. I hate late comers" That said, she turned and marched off without looking back.

"Arrogant!" Ogechi hissed. Composing herself, she walked back to her seat at the counter

Fegor heard her statement, but there was no need reacting. She knew reacting would cost her valid information. She would wait. 6:30 was only a few hours away. Then, the receptionist would learn manners.

She was still thinking about what punishment suited the receptionist when her eyes caught something. No, someone. She quickly took out her phone and scrolled through the images she snapped from the CCTV footage. It was one of the late girl's escort, relaxing with a group of friends and bottles of bear. They laughed casually as they shared a happy moment.

As she watched them, two hotel workers, males, who had just served the men drinks walked by. They discussed about telling their boss that the men wanted women for entertainment.

Keeping the phone in her pocket, Fegor composed herself, smoothened out her clothes and walked up to them. Ignoring the disapproving eyes of his friends, she stood close to her person of interest.

"Hi" She greeted, trying to sound friendly.

The man sat back, raised his glasses up and scrutinized her front head to toe. She was a tall, dark skinned tomboy who happened to be a rear beauty. Gradually, his lips curved into a smile.

"This is amazing." He turned to his friends. "I asked for a sexy lady, that damn manager sent me a tomboy."

They all laughed, passing rude remarks before agreeing that she was still ok for the show.

"I'm Teddy." the man said, after fully recovering from the laughter . Fegor didn't respond. "Don't I get to know your name?" He demanded.

"I didn't come here to exchange names." She was blunt. "Can we go straight to the deed?"

"Hahahahaha.... This is cool. I love girls who want to go straight to business. Teddy said, still scrutinizing her. "From the bulge in your upper part, I already know you have breasts. I only hope that when you take off your clothes, I'll see a smooth body, not packs." He laughed

"Well, until then." Fegor replied. "For now, please feel free to let your imagination run wild, it's a free world."

"Hahaha..." Teddy burst into another round of laughter. "I like You, but I don't want to imagine what's beneath your t-shirt and jeans pants. So, shall we?" He gestured toward the direction of his room

"Sure. Lead the way."

"I thought we were doing this as a group?" One of Teddy's friends, Bruno, asked.

"Yeah," Teddy replied "But you guys don't seem interested in this one."

"I don't do more than one man at a time." Fegor spoke up.

"I'm not interested in doing a tomboy." the other friend, spoke up. "You go on Teddy, we'll get someone else."

"Ok." He laughed as he walked toward the direction of the hotel and then towards his room, with Fegor.

To be continued...