I Believe She's a Mother, Why Then Did She Do That?

So, I was coming home after a short day at work. My boss drove me home because of my health issues. He said I should rest, biko. But instead of going home straight,  I stopped at my aunt's pharmacy shop to charge my phones. Thanks to Apc and their cluelessness. Lol.

On my way home, I passed through ringroad. Those who know ringroad knows how busy the place is. On the pavement leading to trade fair park, a woman backing a baby boy walked casually to wherever her destination was. Her baby boy was obviously thrilled at the large number of people in one place. He stretched out one hand and touched everybody that walk past him and his mother. Everybody he touched looked at him and smiled. He smiled back. I love kids like mad (still wondering when I'll have my own) so I was already smiling at him even from afar, expecting to get my own touch.

When I got close enough, the show ended, sadly. It ended because after the little boy touched the woman in front of me, that one surprisingly threw insults on the innocent boy and his mum. I felt terribly bad eh. I mean, seriously. How can someone do a thing like that to a child? Because of her stupidity, the child withdrew and refused to touch me or anyone for that matter. The mother walked faster and away from the crowd, trying to keep her temper in check. The annoying woman, obviously unaware of what her utterances had caused; unaware of the hurt she caused the mother and other passersby who were enjoying the little boy's adventure of touching everyone, walked off, still muttering some nonsense.

I believe she's a mother, why then did she do that?

1. Maybe the sun was too hot
2. Buhari and fuel scarcity
3. Rise in transport fare
4. Increase in the price of food stuff.
5. No light

Please add your own, who knows, you might get the real reason.
Note: Some people are truly annoying sha.