There Are Three Types of Perfumes.

The first type follows you everywhere you go. Even if you decide to wear your clothes for a week, it follows. Even if you put the said clothes in water and wash with soap or detergent, the scent of the perfume remains.

The second type, after you spray it on you, follows you to work or wherever you need to go and back. By evening though, the scent reduces drastically. When you wash it with soap or detergent, the scent removes completely.

The third type, after you spray it on you, follows you out if the bedroom, into the sitting room and the compound outside. However, when you get to the main gate and step out of the compound, you're on your own. The scent remains in the compound.

For the fourth type, after spraying it on you, the scent fills the room. But once you step out of your bedroom, you're on your own. It doesn't even extend to the sitting room

So you see, the first perfume dominates, not just in its territory, but anywhere it goes. It likes to end well, what it started. Applying it to man, such men/women always leave a mark wherever they go. They are a force to reckon with and their achievements always speaks for them.

The second one tries to sustain what it started, but it doesn't finish well. It dominates only for a short time, then takes a very long break. Applying it to man, such men/women strive to achieve a lot in life but they are only able to achieve a few things in any territory they find themselves.

The third works a little and rests. It only dominates for a short time in it's territory. Outside its territory, it has no power, no force, no achievement. Applying it to man, these men/woman fall in the category of people we usually refer to as local champions. They do very well I'm their territory. Nothing more.

The fourth doesn't even try at all. It doesn't dominate outside of the bedroom. Applying it to man, our bedroom is our thoughts. This means people in this category dominate in their thoughts, that's all. They can't even try to venture out. They are happy dreamers and thinkers; rich in thoughts, poor in achievements.

I pray we all fall in and follow in the steps of the first perfume. We will dominate in our territories and beyond and we will end well.

Happy Friday everyone. Keep believing and working towards achieving only the best.

Good morning