Our Collective Responsibility

Sitting by the side of a busy street is almost as interesting as watching movies in a cinema house. You frown at some things, you laugh at others. You're not interested in some, you are in the others.

So yesterday morning, I rushed over to an office where hard back binding is done. My colleague had submitted two books the day before for binding. Since he didn't submit it in time, it wasn't ready when I arrived in the morning. In fact I was one of the earliest in the place.

At exactly 9:00am, the workers went in for morning prayers. At 9:15, the office officially opened. I asked the director what time my work would be ready. He said 10am or 11am. I was pissed, but I took things calmly and told him I'll remind outside, waiting. While I waited, I typed on my phone. I typed every inspiration that came to mind. But at some point, I got distracted when I heard a woman asking a very young boy, about 12 years old, what his problem was.
I looked up and noticed she was walking towards him in a threatening manner. He in turn, moved backward, away from her; laughing all the while. Five friends of his, about the same age and height, laughed at him while explaining to the woman that their friend was like that.
"You better change o!" she warned. "If you talk to girl, she no gree, you no go leave am?"

"No" the boy in question laughed, still running away from her.

"Wetin happen?" an elderly hausa man asked as he approached with a friend. 

"No be this boy?" the woman pointed at him. "He go ask this girl out." she pointed at a young girl of about the same age as the boy "The girl no gree. He come dey beat am."

The elderly man laughed, pointed warning fingers at the young boy and left. The boy and his friends left too, leaving the woman to dust both hands. Her expression simply said the words "Wonders shall never end."

The incident happened in a twinkle of an eye but I  couldn't help but wonder why a boy, as young as that, has already learnt that if he asks a girl out and she refuses, then she should be beaten?
This one na serious issue. Who is he learning it from? These are the suspects: His dad, elder brother, uncles, neighbours, friends, movies, music videos.

Please, let's watch our kids and bring them up in the right way. Don't let them pick up just anything. It's a fact that whatever they learn now will stick with them for the rest of their lives, unless divine intervention takes place.

Let us mind the friends they keep, mind what kind of movies they watch, mind the language they speak and mind what you do in their presence.

The above is not only for parents, it's also for elder brothers, uncles,  aunties, guardians, neighbours, family friends strangers etc. After all, rasing a child properly is our collective responsibility.

Do have a great morning everyone.