Authors On Okadabooks, This is For You

You must have heard a lot about Okadabooks, but what about Okadaplugs?

Read on, I'll do the introduction. 

Okadaplugs provides Okadabooks tutorials, tips, steps and updates but we believe we can help authors sell more copies of their works on OkadaBooks. In fact, most of our visitors come from OkadaBooks when the BLOG button is clicked.

Why did we write this post? 

We'd like to review Authors' books and post these reviews on Okadaplugs. The said books must already be published on Okadabooks. The aim is to help authors push their Okadabooks' books and gain a wider reader base and obviously sell more.

Its really simple. Send us reviews of your books i.e top 5 books or more, written by YOU. Send the reviews along with Book Titles, description, book covers and links on Okadabooks to 

We will post each review within 24 hours. You can also add your social media handles to the mail, we'll tweet at you.

Need a sample of what we are about? See this post: Reading? Here's 5 Okadabooks You Should Read In September.

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